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Account bonuses are permanent boosts to gameplay rewards that apply to all characters on an account.

List of bonuses[edit]

Achievements interface, displaying the account bonuses.

There are four account bonuses, tracked in the achievement tab of the Hero panel:

  • Gold Find.png Gold Find — Increases the amount of gold gain from killing enemies.
    • In addition to achievement rewards, account-wide gold find can be increased by consuming Lesser Essence of Gold, which can be acquired from the Wizard's Vault.
    • Prior to the August 22, 2023 game update, Essences of Gold could be obtained from Login rewards.
    • At the date of October 20, 2023, the maximum of gold find only related to account bonus a player can have is 230. (226 through chests of loyalty, 2 through blessed coffer of the Sun, 2 through wizard's vault).
  • Karma Gain.png Karma Gain — Increases the amount of karma gained from completing events.
  • XP Gain.png XP Gain — Increases the amount of experience gain from killing enemies.
  • Magic Find (account bonus).png Magic Find — Increases the chance to receive higher-quality loot from slain foes.
    • In addition to achievement rewards, account-wide magic find is increased by consuming Essences of Luck, which can be acquired by salvaging fine or better items.


All account bonuses can be increased by earning achievement points on the account. Account bonuses will never decrease.

  • For every 500 points, a set of achievement rewards is unlocked, which includes a 1% increase to a single account bonus.
  • Every 2,500 points gives a larger reward of +1% Karma Gain, +2% XP Gain, and +1% to either Gold Find or Magic Find.


For more detailed information on account bonuses, see: Achievement point rewards