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Garden of the Chosen

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Garden of the Chosen

Point of Interest
Vulture Drifts
(Elon Riverlands)
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Garden of the Chosen.jpg
Garden of the Chosen

Interactive map

Garden of the Chosen is a Point of Interest on top of a mesa in Vulture Drifts.


  • An activatable teleporter is placed between two mesas enabling easy access to the area. The mesa is under "drifts" on the map.
    • To activate the teleporter, stand on the circular platform with pillars and face the four glowing crystals. Remember the sequence the crystals rise in and repeat it to activate the teleporter.
      • There is also a jackal portal to the landing above this Point of Interest. The portal is between the words "Vulture Drifts" on the map and Palawa's Grace Point of Interest.