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Forgotten Teleporter

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Forgotten Teleporter

Forgotten Teleporter.jpg

Elon Riverlands
(Crystal Desert)

Forgotten Teleporters are ancient devices used by the Forgotten to quickly travel across the Crystal Desert. Two specific teleporters are typically linked together, allowing travel between them, though only one needs to be activated. Due to Elonians taming animals to use as mounts, the teleporters have become less used and many have been scavenged for parts and relics. Only a small handful remain usable.

Standing on the pad of a functional teleporter will cause its four switches to light up in a specific order; the traveller must then interact with the switches in the same order to activate the teleporter.


For detailed directions to the teleporters in Elon Riverlands, see: Frequent Forgotten Teleporter#Walkthrough
Crystal Desert

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