Gift of the Dragon Bash

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Gift of the Dragon Bash

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Account Bound
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This box contains a gift for participating in the Dragon Bash festival.

— In-game description

Gift of the Dragon Bash is obtained from The Big Boom in the Big City by watching the fireworks during Dragon Bash. The gift gives Horns of the Dragon for each of the three armor weights. The achievement could only be achieved during Dragon Bash from 9:00 AM PDT on Friday, June 14 to 12:00 PM PDT Monday, June 17 while fireworks were active.


The Big Boom in the Big City (Historical) Dragon Bash 10Achievement points
The Ship's Council presents a stunning firework display as part of the inaugural Dragon Bash celebrations.
Reward:Gift of the Dragon Bash.png Gift of the Dragon Bash
Watch the Lion's Arch fireworks show near the fountain. 10Achievement points



  • The item can be previewed for the heavy version of the skin, although the skin is the same from all three armor weights.
  • It can only be obtained once per account although an identical item, Horns of the Dragon Helm Set, was available during the Festival of the Four Winds.