Elon River Dive Master

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Elon River Dive Master is an Elon Riverlands achievement for using Diving Goggles in three locations.


Elon River Dive Master Elon Riverlands 5Achievement points
Use diving goggles at the various diving locations across the Elon Riverlands.
  • Skimshallow Cove Point
  • Overlooking Palawa's Grace
  • Southern Vulture Drifts Spire
Used 1 Diving Location 1Achievement points
Used 2 Diving Locations 1Achievement points
Used 3 Diving Locations 3Achievement points


  1. Skimshallow Cove Point: The goggles can be found at the Elon Riverlands Insight: Pillars of Sovereignty Mastery Point
  2. Overlooking Palawa's Grace: The goggles are adjacent to the Arid Gladefields Vista. Get a running start off the plank to avoid the ledge below
  3. Southern Vulture Drifts Spire: The goggles are on the peak east of "Lohrashi the Mournful" Hero Challenge. You need both a Skimmer and a Springer to reach it. The climb is guarded by Veteran Air Djinns, but they can all be bypassed with care.


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