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Defeat Prototype XJ-1

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Defeat Prototype XJ-1

Interactive map

Interactive map

Defeat Prototype XJ-1 is a level 80 group event in Xunlai Jade Junkyard in The Echovald Wilds.


  • Prototype XJ-1
  • Event bar.jpg Event swords (tango icon).png
  • Time until Prototype XJ-1 goes haywire: 15:00


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 26,670 Experience.png 378 Karma 88 Copper coin
Silver 20,003 Experience.png 284 Karma 66 Copper coin
Bronze 13,335 Experience.png 189 Karma 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 80 player.


Throughout the entire fight, Prototype XJ-1 will be surrounded by a black AoE that damages people standing on it with the Devouring Void (Prototype XJ-1).png Devouring Void effect. The hitbox is big enough for melee players to attack though.

It is recommended to set a personal waypoint if one has the Jade Tech Waypoint mastery unlocked to get back to the fight as soon as possible.


Prototype XJ-1 will attack in the following order:

Mines 2x -> Pull

  • Mines - Prototype XJ-1 will swing one of its arms, placing bombs around it that explodes after a short while. Players may dodge or block the attack.
  • Pull - Prototype XJ-1 will summon an AoE that slowly sucks players into it, dealing damage if players stand in it. Walking in the opposite direction will outpace the pull.

After dropping Prototype XJ-1 to 90% it will flee to another area of the junkyard. Use the Zip Line nearby to reach it.


Prototype XJ-1's attack pattern is similar to the first phase, with the addition of stationary jade bot arms that attacks players near it, as well as laser turrets that shoot lasers in a straight line. Said turrets can be destroyed or have their defiance bar broken to deactivate.

At 60 percent, Prototype XJ-1 moves again to another area indicated by red arrows.


Prototype XJ-1 will now do two new attacks that will follow in this pattern:

Slam 2x -> Shock wave -> Mines 2x

  • Slam - Prototype XJ-1 will slam one of its fist, dealing damage and creating lingering AoEs. It will also leave a trash pile on its slam location.
  • Shock wave - Prototype XJ-1 will prepare to clap both its hands, downing everyone in the arena.

At 30 percent, Prototype XJ-1 moves again to another area indicated by red arrows.

30% onwards[edit]

Prototype XJ-1 will now do all attacks in this pattern, including another new attack.

Mines 2x -> Pull -> Slam 2x -> Shock wave -> Breath Attack

  • Breath attack - Summons a lot of red AoE's in a straight line in the middle of the arena, damaging players standing in it.

The Shock wave attack will now defeat players in this phase instead of downing them.






Event start
Kestrel Ayumi: Please, stop fighting. And do NOT turn on that machine.
Kestrel Ayumi: Your backup is down, Mi Shen! Come out here, now!
Mi Shen: I think not.
Chul-Moo: Shut it down, Mi Shen.
Mi Shen: No!
Chul-Moo: Did you hear me? I order—
Mi Shen: No! This is my triumph. You're jealous that my brilliance eclipses your own!
Mi Shen: Yes! Yes! Now you see it! The power of—
Tetra Earthcall: Are we allowed to smash it now?
Kestrel Ayumi: In this case, yes.
Tetra Earthcall: Excellent.
When boss moves
Kestrel Ayumi: It's on the move! Go!
During combat
Kestrel Ayumi: Keep out of the way!
Kestrel Ayumi: Do NOT step in those!
Kestrel Ayumi: Watch out!
Kestrel Ayumi: Don't let them grab you!
Kestrel Ayumi: It's falling apart! We've almost got it!
Warning for insta-kill attack
Kestrel Ayumi: Get behind something!
Event success
Tetra Earthcall: Look what you've created!
Chul-Moo: Me? Did you forget the part where it squashed Mi Shen like a bug? It wasn't operating under our orders!
Kestrel Ayumi: Ugh! Can you stop fighting and listen to me? We all need to work together.
Kestrel Ayumi: Or there won't be anything left of Echovald for you two to squabble over.
Chul-Moo: If you put the minds of the Brotherhood on the problem, we'll have it solved in minutes.
Tetra Earthcall: (scoff) And your "solutions" are more likely than not to send us spinning closer to oblivion.
Tetra Earthcall: I'll need to be there to make sure that doesn't happen.
Kestrel Ayumi: That's probably the best I'm getting from you two, isn't it?
After a short amount of time; up on a perch south of Dump Site 2
Kestrel Ayumi: Well, the gangs seem to be keeping their word. The war's over—for now.
Kestrel Ariana: We're even getting research findings from the Brotherhood. Not that I can decipher any of it.
Kestrel Zuru: A strange day, to be sure.
Kestrel Ariana: Zuru, you think maybe you owe Ayumi an apology?
Kestrel Zuru: I, perhaps, did not allow myself to see the full picture—
Kestrel Ariana: You were an ass.
Kestrel Zuru: There's no need to be crude. But, I apologize, Ayumi. Your leadership in this time was...exceptional.
Kestrel Stas: We just got a message from the Canthans. There's a dragon loose in the Jade Sea. Soo-Won.
Kestrel Stas: They're asking for all the help they can get.
Kestrel Ayumi: Send messengers to Tetra and Chul-Moo. Everyone, get ready to go to the Jade Sea.
Event failure
Kestrel Ayumi: Uh, what's going on with it?
Chul-Moo: It's overloading. We need to clear out—NOW!

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