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Zoning Inspector Bian is a Canthan working for the Ministry of Urban Planning. She can be found wandering around Shing Jea Monastery and the nearby training grounds. After conversing with the Pact Commander she sets out on a tour to study Central Tyrian architecture.

Bian's route, clockwise


For exact locations while the achievement is active, see: Bian's World Tour
Maguuma Jungle
Shiverpeak Mountains


Seitung Province[edit]

(Before initiating conversation, she'll state one of the following)
Bian: You do realize you're staring at me.
Bian: So you're the mainlander everyone's talking about?
Bian: I would kill for some sunfish nigiri. Do you know how hard that is to find?
Bian: Hey, if you run into my minister, make sure you tell her that you love the railingwork in the temple.
Bian: So, what's your favorite part of Cantha so far? The elegant, organized districts? You don't need to say it. I know.
Bian: Shing Jea's a bit rough these days with those sky bandits out there. They're a real safety hazard.
Bian: You mainlanders sure make some interesting fashion choices. Pull them off, though. Mostly.
Uh, hi. I'm a little busy. Ministry of Urban Planning business. Do you need something...?
Talk more option tango.png What kind of business?
Bian: You're looking at the top zoning inspector in all of Shing Jea.
Bian: We do important work at the MUP. Without us, you'd have fish markets in the residential zones and jade factories in the commercial zones.
Bian: Complete. Chaos. So yeah, I know Shing Jea like the back of my hand.
Talk more option tango.png A Ministry agent, huh? Do you work with Li?
Bian: Oh, gods no.
Bian: I work for an entirely different ministry.
Bian: If you need to know one thing about Cantha, it's that we have a lot of ministries. Urban Planning, Culture, Archives, Security...
(If the Bian's World Tour achievement hasn't been started yet)
Talk more option tango.png Have you ever seen Tyrian architecture?
Bian: Central Tyrian architecture? I mean I've read about it...but...
Bian: Oh. Oh, wow. Now that the borders are open, I could actually see it.
Bian: Gods, there's a whole universe of urban planning out there. Thousands of permutations and regulations I don't know yet!
Bian: I guess I'll finally use my vacation time. Or maybe I can get it written off as an educational expense...
Bian: All right. It's settled. MUP can go without me for a few days. What's the worst that can happen?
Bian: They better not let Nguyen force through that water park.
(After completion of the Bian's World Tour achievement)
Talk more option tango.png So, how was your trip?
Bian: It was fascinating. Turns out people have vastly different ideas of what "planning" looks like.
(If asura)
Bian: I can tell you all are very proud of your technology — if not especially practical with it.
(If charr)
Bian: I mean, hey, if throwing a bunch of scrap metal in a pile and calling it a city works for you, it works for you.
(If human)
Bian: Divinity's Reach has some nice gardens. Of all the places I got lost in that city, they were the most pleasant.
(If norn)
Bian: I take it you norn are resistant to cold or something? Changes a few variables. Also explains the rampant bare midriff.
(If sylvari)
Bian: I'm all for "green" architecture, but I still don't get the logistics. Do you have to water your houses?
Bian: I'm glad I went. A lot of it took me by surprise, but that means I learned a lot, too.
Bian: Less glad about the water park that was approved in my absence. But that's why I do what I do.
Talk end option tango.png Right. I'll let you keep at it.
In Shing Jea Monastery courtyard
Bian: Look at that! MUP at work.
Outside the monastery
Bian: This is an unauthorized balcony extension.
Above the training grounds
Bian: A tripletail temaki sounds really good right now.
Within the training grounds
Bian: That fence is not regulation height. I'll have to write it up…
At the obstacle course
Bian: What in the... The safety violations here are innumerable! Who approved this obstacle course?

Black Citadel[edit]

Bian: I can't even count the hazards here. This place is tetanus central.

Divinity's Reach[edit]

Bian: Who approved this? This layout makes no sense.


Bian: Nice use of open space. But not exactly an efficient heating system.

Lion's Arch[edit]

Bian: Nice use of concrete, I guess. Nothing on Kaineng, though.

Rata Sum[edit]

Bian: So this whole place is floating. What happens if the power gives out?

The Grove[edit]

Bian: Did they really just… grow their city?

Related achievements[edit]


  • Bian can only be spoken to by one player at a time.