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Raven Gate

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Raven Gate

Raven Gate.jpg

Bjora Marches
(Shiverpeak Mountains)
Raven's Flight
Other images

Raven Gate active.jpg
A glowing Raven Gate.

Raven Gate dormant.jpg
A dormant Raven Gate.

Raven Gate exit.jpg
A Raven Gate's exit.

You have found a Raven gate. Train the Raven's Flight Mastery to use it.

— in-game description

This Raven gate was opened by another. You'll need Raven's Flight to open your own.

— in-game description

Raven Gates are portals that can be found in various places around Bjora Marches. They allow for one-directional travel to a fixed exit point for all players, regardless of their mastery progression, once the portal has been activated. To activate a portal, the Raven Gate must be glowing blue and the Raven's Flight mastery learned. Raven Gates may sometimes be dormant until a nearby event is completed or another form of condition is satisfied.


Shiverpeak Mountains