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Verarium Delves

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Verarium Delves

Verarium Delves map.jpg
Map of Verarium Delves

Verarium Delves locator.svg
Location within Sparkfly Fen

Sparkfly Fen
(Maguuma Jungle)

Verarium Delves Access.jpg
Entrance to Vararium Delves

Verarium Delves is an area within Sparkfly Fen. This underground area contains two parts, the first serves as a passageway to the top of Orvanic Shore and its western vista, the second a small mini-dungeon.


[edit] Locations and objectives

Map icon.png
Verarium Delves

[edit] Getting There

Verarium Delves is accessed by a series of platforms located on the south of the Uzanarin Depths skill point. Head past the skill point further into the tunnel until you reach a glen. Go right to find the platforms crossing the stream and this area's entrance.

[edit] NPCs

[edit] Foes

Ambient creatures

[edit] Objects

[edit] Crafting resources

Resource nodes
Mine resource (map icon).png
Rich Platinum Vein

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