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Golemagical Institute

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Golemagical Institute

Golemagical Institute map.jpg
Map of Golemagical Institute

Golemagical Institute locator.svg
Location within Metrica Province

Metrica Province
(Maguuma Jungle)

Golemagical Institute is an area within Metrica Province. The shattered remains of the Prototype X lie in the center of the Institute, with the nearby researchers carefully examining it. Several holographic golems can be seen from either side of the room.


[edit] Locations and objectives

Event boss (map icon).png
Destroy the experimental Inquest golem (3)
Event shield (map icon).png
Investigate Inquest activity in the Golemagical Institute (3)

[edit] NPCs

[edit] Allies

[edit] Notes

  • To enter the Golemagical Institute, start from the Incinergen Labs and continue on to the bottom left of it. There will be an Asura gate. Simply walk through it and you are will be inside the Institute.

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