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Glyphic weapons

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Glyphic weapons are Erare weapons that can be purchased for 9,800 Karma.png per piece in Rata Sum from Zort in the Creator's Commons, or in The Grove from Rhiogheil in the Garden of Dusk.

They can also be found in Cfine and Dmasterwork variations as loot and karma rewards with different stats and level requirements.

These items share appearance with PvP Glyphic weapons

[edit] Attributes

Each weapon has two attribute bonuses.

Hand Condition Damage.png Condition Damage Precision.png Precision
One-handed 30 21
Two-handed 60 43

[edit] Weapons

Hand Weapon Power
Main Hand Glyphic Axe.png Glyphic Axe 358-437
Glyphic Handblade.png Glyphic Handblade 385-409
Glyphic Mace.png Glyphic Mace 374-421
Glyphic Pistol.png Glyphic Pistol 366-429
Glyphic Scepter.png Glyphic Scepter 374-421
Glyphic Edge.png Glyphic Edge 378-417
Off hand Glyphic Icon.png Glyphic Icon 347-368
Glyphic Horn.png Glyphic Horn 340-376
Glyphic Brand.png Glyphic Brand 329-386
Glyphic Ward.png Glyphic Ward 336-379
Terrestrial Glyphic Longblade.png Glyphic Longblade 415-459
Glyphic Maul.png Glyphic Maul 411-463
Glyphic Longbow.png Glyphic Longbow 384-451
Glyphic Rifle.png Glyphic Rifle 411-503
Glyphic Short Bow.png Glyphic Short Bow 378-417
Glyphic Staff.png Glyphic Staff 411-463
Aquatic Glyphic Spear.png Glyphic Spear 378-417
Glyphic Speargun.png Glyphic Speargun 378-417
Glyphic Trispear.png Glyphic Trispear 378-417

[edit] Gallery

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