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I've been through the Underworld's Kitchen. Cook

The cook is a buff specialized adventurer profession, who is able to provide powerful boons to allies through the use of Cooking. The cook can damage enemies by giving them food poisoning, and by several fire and water related skills, making the cook well rounded in both offensive power and support.


The cook has the unique ability to craft consumables in combat using by using up Chef-o-meter. There are three dishes the cook can make in total, representing the culinary elements of spicy, bitter and sweet. Each dish uses up a certain amount of the Chef-o-meter, which slowly regenerates over time. These dishes have a countdown timer until they become spoiled, making sure that the cook cannot gather a large amount of dishes before combat. When one of these dishes are activated, the fourth and fifth skills on your skill bar change to Eat and Drop. Allies that pick up the dropped dish immediately gain it's benefits without any skill change, unlike typical environmental weapons. Cooks can also make poisons through the use of spoiled food and several utility skills. After the fresh timer on a dish has run out, if the Cook is still holding the dish, the Eat skill will be replaced with Throw and when used becomes a ground target area of effect skill that poisons enemies caught in it.


See list of cook skills.

Special spell types[edit]

  • Dishes — Using dish spells, the cook provides powerful boons to itself and allies. The cook uses up its Chef-o-meter to make meals such as Boiled Crawfish, Fish Steak, and Grumble Cake, which can be changed outside of combat.
  • Spoiled dishes — After a dish becomes spoiled, if the cook is still holding the dish, it becomes a ground target area of effect grenade, causing poison and damage to enemies caught by it.


The cook has one general trait line: Culinary. They have lines for each flavor: bitter, sweet, and spicy. They also have lines for each of the weapons they can wield. A cook might learn traits by getting screamed at by master cooks such as Gordon Ramsay.

See list of cook traits.



The cook is an adventurer profession and thus wears medium armor.


  • Main-hand
    • Scepter - Focuses on slowly mashed dishes that provide powerful boons.
    • Pistol – Allows for gunpowder-cooked dishes, with a smoky taste.
    • Dagger - Focuses on quickly chopped, quick to spoil dishes.
  • Off-hand
    • Torch - Provides powerful fire-based spells and grilled fresh dishes.
    • Dagger - Provides powerful offensive abilities for the cook.

Due to the unique nature of dishes, cooks cannot wield two-handed weapons. Although the cook has access to only one weapon set during combat, they are kept busy using their dish skills (if they aren't, then Gordon Ramsay will delete the character). Cooks find unusual offensive attack skills with the off-hand dagger, allowing for skills such as backstab to surprise enemies who have turned their backs to the seemingly harmless cook.

Personal story[edit]

During character creation, cook characters must answer whether they prefer Canthan, Elonian, or Krytan food.

External links[edit]

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