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Speak in Riddles

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Speak in Riddles is an achievement for answering 10 riddles to two Djinns in Desert Highlands.


Speak in Riddles Desert Highlands 10Achievement points
Fight djinn to earn a chance at solving a daily riddle.
  • Solve Ellutherius Wintergust's first riddle.
  • Solve Ellutherius Wintergust's second riddle.
  • Solve Ellutherius Wintergust's third riddle.
  • Solve Ellutherius Wintergust's fourth riddle.
  • Solve Ellutherius Wintergust's fifth riddle.
  • Solve Jubua the Wildfire's first riddle.
  • Solve Jubua the Wildfire's second riddle.
  • Solve Jubua the Wildfire's third riddle.
  • Solve Jubua the Wildfire's fourth riddle.
  • Solve Jubua the Wildfire's fifth riddle.
Solved 10 Djinn Riddles 10Achievement points


This achievement is completed by solving the riddles of two djinns after winning against them in combat.

Each character can solve only one riddle from each djinn every day, but multiple characters can talk with the same djinn again in the same day, allowing completion of this achievement in one day.

  • Jubua the Wildfire can be found in Fortune's Vale at Overreach Chasm south of Derelict Delve Waypoint and it is easy to find and is available at any time, since it is also a Hero Challenge marked in the map.
    • When using multiple characters, each character will have to defeat Jubua and earn his Hero Point to get the riddle dialog.
  • Ellutherius Wintergust can be found at the Palace of Aban within the Enchanted Bluffs in Desert Highlands and is a Legendary Bounty target.
    • Any character can talk with Ellutherius after it successfully completing his bounty, whether they participated in the bounty event or not. When using multiple characters, parking four other characters at Palace of Aban before the bounty will allow quickly solving all 5 of its riddles in one day. Being in a party or squad will help returning to the same instance of the map where the djinn is available.

While the djinn will allow several attempts to solve a riddle, they will only give progress towards the achievement and progress to the next riddle when solving each of them in the first try. The individual pages of each djinn contain the solutions to their riddles in their dialog sections.