Sparcus Firesplash

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Sparcus Firesplash was one of the most dangerous and driven of humanity's foes. Countess Anise has used mesmer magic to enchant a watchknight to look like him, to fight in Queen Jennah's gladiatorial arena.

Firesplash was originally from Provatum Castrum, and was considered fiery and fearsome.



Event involvement[edit]

Event boss (tango icon).png [Group Event] Defeat Sparcus Firesplash (80)

Combat abilities[edit]

  • Flame Jet
  • Long Range Fireball
  • Reflective Shield
  • Erupts Lava
  • Bombs Platforms
  • If slain before the bronze tier is reached, his signature ability is transferred to other bosses as Fiery Tornado (effect).png Fiery Tornado.

DefianceDefiance bar teal.png

  • Unshakable2.png Roar of Applause — Breaking the enemy's defiance bar stuns it and inspires adventurers fighting the other bosses! Occurs when defiance is broken.
  • Fire Attunement.png Fire Shield
  • Fireball Fireball - Tosses a fireball at a target Burning.png Burning them.
  • Fiery Tornado - Dashes towards an area launching nearby players. Raises a wall of flame near his destination that Burning.png5 Burns players that pass through.
  • Flame Jet - Releases flames from his hand Burning.png Burning players in front of him.
  • Fire Shield Fire Shield - Covers himself in a fiery aura that reflects projectiles.
Stolen skills

Historical combat abilities[edit]

  • Rains Fire
  • Burns
  • Flare - Sends out a flare that strikes foes for damage if it hits.
  • Lava Font Lava Font - Make lava erupt from the target area.
  • Meteor Shower Meteor Shower - Call down a meteor shower onto the target area. Damage is reduced per target each time they are struck by this ability.



Name Type Rarity Quantity
Elaborate Ritualist Bag.png Singed Ritualist Bag Container Exotic 1


  • Firesplash is 7'3" and 300 lbs.