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Defend Skrilla while she searches for treasure

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Defend Skrilla while she searches for treasure

Interactive map

Interactive map

Defend Skrilla while she searches for treasure is a level 80 dynamic event that occurs near Skritt Anchorage.


  • Skrilla
  • Event bar.jpg
  • Treasure discovered: X/5


Reward tier Experience Karma Coin
Gold 26,670 Experience.png 378 Karma 88 Copper coin
Silver 20,003 Experience.png 284 Karma 66 Copper coin
Bronze 13,335 Experience.png 189 Karma 44 Copper coin
These are the expected rewards for a level 80 player.


Walk with Skrilla as she travels northeast, towards the beach at Ashen Skerries. She will periodically stop and dig into the ground beneath her; she will either find a Bag of Loot, or disturb several Lava Wurms which should be dispatched.

Anywhere from 4 to 6 Bags of Loot will spawn throughout the event, and can be looted for Reclaimed Wood Chunks and other items.

At the end of the event, an Ancient Chest will spawn. Unlike other Ancient Chests within Ember Bay, this can be looted every time this event takes place.





Any of these lines before attempting to dig up treasure
Skrilla: Booty call! Give me your gold and I'll find you buried treasure!
Skrilla: Something? Nothing? Hmmmmm...
Skrilla: Can you smell the booty? I can!
Skrilla: (sniff) Here? Maybe?
Skrilla: The nose knows! I smell opportunity somewhere close!
Skrilla: Here! It has to be here!
Skrilla: I sense something. Something...sparkly!
Skrilla: Booty! Treasure! Subterranean items and trinkets!
Skrilla: I know where all the good stuff is. Like, here?
Skrilla: Delicious treasure! I can't get enough!
Upon digging up treasure
Skrilla: Good stuff! Good stuff!
Skrilla: Stuff here.
Skrilla: Sparkly! For you!
Skrilla: Treasure for you.
Skrilla: I love stuff! I bet you do, too!
Upon disturbing Lava Wurms
Skrilla: Wrong smell. Nothing here.
Skrilla: Stuff not here.
Upon digging up the final chest
Skrilla: Treasure hunt over. Have a good day!

Related achievements[edit]


If no wurms spawn at any of Skrilla's digging spots, participation will not be granted by killing any other creature or collecting the treasure chests, and so the last chest will not spawn and event success rewards will not be given.
  • The final chest is limited to players who participated in the event.