Cathedral of Hidden Depths

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Cathedral of Hidden Depths

Point of interest.png

Temple of the Forgotten God map.jpg
Map of Cathedral of Hidden Depths

Cathedral of Hidden Depths.jpg
Statue of Abaddon, viewed from beneath the altar.

The Cathedral of Hidden Depths is a sunken Orrian temple dedicated to Abaddon, submerged in the Straits of Devastation. Air pockets exist within the temple, providing air to the upper half. The Plaza of Lost Wisdom marks the sealed entrance to the temple.

Locations and objectives[edit]

Points of Interest
Point of interest.png
Altar of Secrets


  • The intact version of this area is only accessible via Temple of the Forgotten God. Outside of the story mission, the area is in ruins, except for the door.
Despite being sunken, within the storyline version, above the Altar of Secrets is a cracked glass dome that shows the sky. You can find the dome in Strait of Malediction as well, but fully intact.