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Mystery of the Hidden Tower (puzzle)

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Mystery of the Hidden Tower is an achievement for completing a light puzzle within Bjora Marches.


Mystery of the Hidden Tower Shadow in the Ice 2Achievement points
Complete Mystery of the Hidden Tower 3 times. Completed Mystery of the Hidden Tower 1 Time 1Achievement points
Completed Mystery of the Hidden Tower 3 Times 1Achievement points

Getting there[edit]

Use the Raven Gate southeast of Eaglewatch Rise in southeast corner of west Bjora Marches. You must have the Raven's Flight mastery to use the Raven Gate.


There are three smaller puzzles to receive the larger chest and completion. They can be done in any order.

  1. The first is to your left as you continue forward into the second room.
    1. Follow the light, jumping across the scaffolding to two mirrors.
    2. Continue back towards the main room
    3. Unlock the raven lock
    4. It will reflect around the room and reach the destination (the left statue).
  2. Another light can be reached by going to the right and entering the raven portal just down the stairs.
    1. Activate the light and take the raven gate.
    2. Take the first gate to your right to get to the first mirror.
    3. Take the raven gate or glide down to the second mirror.
    4. The light will now bounce down to the destination (right statue).
    5. Glide down or take the portal to return to the center.
  3. For the final light, jump down to the bottom or take a left down the stairs from the main area to a raven gate.
    1. The bottom area has Miscellaneous effect.png Difficult to Breathe. Use the raven barrier shrine on the eastern side to counter this.
    2. Go up the ramp to the first mirror.
    3. Continue up the scaffolding up to the second mirror. This light will then continue to the destination (center statue).
    4. Take the raven portal, then stairs to your left to return to the main area.
    5. Climb the scaffolding from the right statue up to the center.

When all three are lit the final chest spawns. Achievement credit increases when you open this chest.

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  • The applied Miscellaneous effect.png Raven's Nullifier appears to make you invulnerable to the skelk in the puzzle.