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Iota Vault

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Iota Vault

Iota Vault map.jpg
Map of Iota Vault

Point of Interest
Heathen's Hold
(Draconis Mons)
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Iota Vault.jpg

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Interactive map (Upper level)

Iota Vault is a point of interest in the Heathen's Hold. It is one of four vaults in and around Draconis Mons built years ago by Asura who fled Rata Novus.

Getting there[edit]

There is a Thermal Tube entrance just south of the Heathen's Hold waypoint; using this Thermal Tube will catapult you northwards, then northwest until you arrive on a bat-infested ledge high above Heathen's Hold. The door to the Iota Vault is at the far end of the ledge to the west of where you land. The door will not open unless you have completed the related story part.