Hunting Lodge

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Hunting Lodge

Point of Interest
Queen's Forest
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The Hunting Lodge is a point of Interest within the Queen's Forest. This opulent mansion and stable sits atop a small rise in the middle of a stand of trees. Inside is a pleasant bar and dining area with guest rooms upstairs. Many hunters rest there between hunting sessions and relive past hunts.





Merchant (vendor icon).png Chiffly (10)
Merchant (vendor icon).png Lodgemaster Carthage (10)



There are multiple pieces of New Krytan in the lodge:

  • Golden sign: "If you are still standing you need more Dwarven ale"
  • Red sign: "Everyone stop shouting!"
  • Brown sign: "Don't drink and quest"
  • Thin, white sign: "Please drink responsibly"
  • Black cloth banner in a room on the 2nd floor: "Dwayna" (note that the letters are backwards)
  • Bottle on the shelf in the same room: "Beetlestone Vineyards". (note that this appears to be written twice on the bottle).
  • Black bottles behind the bar: "Hunter"
  • Blue bottles behind bar: "Rice wine"
  • Dark, red-labelled bottles: "Zehtuka"
  • Shield shaped sign that reads "Rule number 1: The bartender is always right. Rule number 2: if bartender is wrong see rule number one.

A rare case of Ascalonian writing can be found inside the kitchen on the brown ale jugs around the room saying: "Kilroy Stonekin Ale".