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Ever heard of Kilroy Stonekin? He was a dwarf as fearsome as they came, and fearless to a fault. He was known for blindly charging into battle. A dangerous tactic, but it did a number on the Stone Summit dwarves.

Explorer Akka

Kilroy Stonekin is a deceased dwarf famous for fighting against the Stone Summit dwarves. He is remembered as a reckless yet masterful brawler, specifically known for charging blindly into battle. When he died, he was interred in Granite Citadel, where his headstone can still be found. Its magical properties are currently being studied by Durmand Priory members Arcanist Artemis and Explorer Akka.


  • Kilroy Stonekin Ale is named after him.[1]
  • Kilroy Stonekin's name and blind charge tactic are both in reference to Leeroy Jenkins, the subject of a famous internet video concerning this dubious strategy.

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  1. ^ Writing an ale jug within the Hunting Lodge