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Welcome to the 2020 Guild Wars 2 Anniversary Wiki Sweepstake! To celebrate the upcoming eighth anniversary of the game, the wikis are hosting sweepstakes. Find out more below!


This sweepstake is open from the 25th of August, 2020, until the 15th of September, 2020. Sign-up opens and closes at 19:30 on the respective start and end dates.


60 winners will be randomly chosen out of the pool of eligible participants on the English wiki. Every winner will receive a 400Gem.png gem code, distributed by each wiki's sweepstake representative after the sweepstake concludes.
This sweepstake is sponsored by NC Interactive. The following Contribution Terms apply and can be viewed here. Many thanks to our wiki liaison Stéphane for providing us with the prize pool.


Every wiki user who contributes a minimum of five substantial edits during the sweepstake time frame is eligible to enter the raffle.


Update 2020/09/11: The rules have been updated and are highlighted in red.

  1. Only users with a wiki account can participate in this sweepstake. To sign up, you need to add your account name to the list at the end of this page.
  2. To be eligible for the raffle prizes, a minimum of 5 substantial edits is required.
  3. You may only enter the sweepstake with one account per wiki. Multiple entries with additional accounts will be disregarded, and you will be disqualified.
  4. Please note that due to legal constraints, wiki editors residing in Belgium, Italy, Spain, and Sweden are not able to participate in this sweepstake. We are deeply sorry.

Which Edits Qualify, Which Do Not?

  1. Edits have to be a mainspace contribution (for example, (re-)writing guides, creating new pages and templates, and fleshing out existing articles).
  2. Uploading images counts. 5 images equal one edit of 100 characters.
  3. Changes to user pages do not count.
  4. While appreciated, small edits (such as fixing typos, formatting, and/or adding interwikis and similar infobox values) and maintenance work (like flagging pages for deletion) do not qualify for this sweepstake.
  5. As a guideline, edits should count more than 100 characters (including spaces) (~roughly 20 words or 100 bytes).

How to Get Started

*Please note that due to some legal issues, the Spanish wiki will host a different kind of contest at a later date.

Sign-up Here

To enter the sweepstake, make sure you are logged in and add your signature at the bottom of the list by adding four tildes (~~~~) which will automatically expand into it. Don't have an account yet? Create an account here.


141 participants signed up for the English wiki sweepstake. Due to the lack of eligible candidates (since the majority of sign-ups did not contribute to the wiki), the maximum amount of winners (60) was not reached. In total, there are 28 winners who contributed far more than the required minimum of substantial edits and helped improve the wiki with their work. Thank you all for participating and thank you even more for making this wiki a reliable and extensive source of knowledge! Every winner received a gem code of 400Gem.png.