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Muirellthe Moon

PvX This user plays PvE and PvP.
United States
September, 9th (29 years)
Female.png Female
North America
Tarnished Coast (US)
In-game ID
That's No Tornado [SAND]
Best Title
The Golden Child
Favorite Profession
Guardian tango icon 20px.png Guardian
Favorite Skill
Guardian tango icon 20px.png Holy Strike
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User Muirellthe Moon Anthropology.jpg This user loves Anthropology
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Holy Strike.png Holy Strike is Muirellthe Moon's favorite skill.

Yes hello Hi this is a little about me in-game and out of game[edit]


Muirellthe Moon Geode.png, Guild Leader of [SAND], AKA Thats No Tornado. We're devoted to bringing a fun, engaging, and productive atmosphere to Dry Top for Geode farming. Our Sand Twitter always has our event schedule posted from week-to-week, along with general news about the guild and even a bit of my passion for Wiki editing thrown in! We have 654 T6 Dry Top hours under our belt - that's a lot of Geodes! I'm super, super proud of my SANDies and am lucky to be their guild leader. They're an important part of my life.

I really, really like Halloween and Wintersday and The Festival of the Four Winds because Dry Top and the Zephyrites! Seriously, the day FotW came back as a yearly occurrence felt like a huge personal milestone which is ridiculous, I know, but it was like a personal "Hey, our work in Dry Top has led them all this way!" It's canon in my head and no one can stop me. I spend a lot of time in-game talking, and if I'm not talking I might be killing the same enemy about 50 times in a row to gather data for a skeletal Wiki page. I'm averse to Dungeons and Fractals, but can be convinced to do them in the name of the Wiki and to spend time with friends. I'm at 98,029 Geode.png and counting, and have now just decided I need to find a way to create (or coercebeg someone to create) a little window that I can update for how many I have. I've made 7 Legendaries and Nevermore was my first one and honestly it took a part of my soul I never got back just imagine me sobbing while deforesting every map in the game and that about sums up the experience.


Currently finishing up a degree in Anthropology, and hope to pursue a Masters later in life. Hoping to utilize my degree in a manner similar to what I've done in-game through the Dry Top community, just in a real life context. I like people and their quirks, and I like the idea of working towards places that help encompass many kinds of personalities and interests. Driving around town I honestly get so excited at just the simple idea of traffic and how humans maneuver it and the way society is constructed and-

I love Final Fantasy games and also like shooting things in PUBG. Bilingual in English and Spanish, two-minute-older fraternal twin sister, and a caretaker for my mom. Don't remember what drew me to trying out Wiki editing, but it fits snugly into my love for all things tedious and detail-oriented. The idea of a huge, complete compendium of knowledge of many things excites me, and so being a small (very very very small) part of working towards that makes me happy. The older I get the less social butterfly-ish I tend to be because energy is hard to come by, but I really, really do like talking and meeting new people. I need several pokes sometimes in order to remind me to respond to people, but I always try to remember. It's not an aversion to staying in touch, it's more like 15 years of overly-internet-social-butterfly imploding in on itself and not knowing how to function properly anymore.

My twin is a professional musician and drummer and if you get me talking about her you probably will get the impression I'm one of those annoying siblings who loves talking up their sister and is like stupidly proud and you would be correct. Also if you get me talking about any of my roleplay characters, especially my Star Wars ones, you will also never hear anything else.

My talk page is lonely.

Like, really lonely.

Also I like run-on sentences sometimes

Name Pronunciation![edit]

I'm almost always on my main Muirellthe Moon: Myur-ehlle-tuh Moon. It wasn't a mistake! It is not "Muirielle the Moon." I had recently seen the name "John Muir" and was like "hey, that's a pretty last name" and went with it.

  • Please don't call me Zekowah a la my account name. It was typed incorrectly and is supposed to be "Zekoyah." (Ze-koh-yah.) Every time someone uses Zekowah, a piece of my soul dies. Please call me Moon ♥

Fully re-tested hearts for event involvement and other details[edit]

Pretty much done with re-resting hearts I had previously edited incorrectly for Event Involvement, so this above list is just here for my personal peace of mind to remind myself. Any hearts I edited later on for event involved were under the idea that any events that do not directly further heart progress upon completion do not count. No longer applies.

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