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Zekowah.6480, Muirellthe Moon Geode.png, Guild Leader of [SAND], AKA Thats No Tornado. It's true, we get everywhere.

  • Please don't call me Zekowah, it was typed incorrectly and is supposed to be "Zekoyah." (Ze-koh-yah.) Every time someone uses Zekowah, a piece of my soul dies. Please call me Moon ♥

Name Pronunciation![edit]

I'm almost always on my main Muirellthe Moon: Myur-ehlle-tuh Moon. It wasn't a mistake! It is not "Muirielle the Moon." I had recently seen the name "John Muir" and was like "hey, that's a pretty last name" and went with it. It's mildly entertaining how many of my weird MMO names have come about due to circumstances like that... Another character's name in another universe is Muirellthe Qei, but I use a "hard" (or whatever it's called phonetically) t with it, so it's "Myur-ellt." Sylvari don't typically have surnames and I made Muir before I knew anything about GW2 lore, but it all works out: Muir gave herself the last name "Moon" because she felt bad that she was nothing like the typical Sylvari of the Cycle of Night. She decided she would connect herself to it with her name. She's a very strange Sylvari, yes!

I really need to update this user page but how and with what, oh gods.

List of Hearts I have fully (or as much as I really can) tested for Event Involvement:

Pretty much done with re-resting hearts I had previously edited incorrectly for Event Involvement, so this above list is just here for my personal peace of mind to remind myself. Any hearts I edited later on for event involved were under the idea that any events that do not directly further heart progress upon completion do not count.

To-Do List[edit]