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Ideas shamelessly stolen from User:Lysander

The perfect embodiment of why I sometimes hate myself and the wiki profoundly.

Project Pages[edit]

List of projects that I am involved in; makes it look like I know what I'm doing here.

Mini project that needs completion:

Website project

Links to Own User Pages[edit]

Sandboxes 4&5 exist but are barren.

  • /vector.js - Current extra Javascript running to make my life (hopefully) easier.
  • /Raid_Lore - Potential project I will work on over time, may or may not end up being useful to explain overall lore. (Spoilers: I gave up)

Useful Extensions/Programs and Websites for editing[edit]

For now, here's a small list of programs and extensions I use to make my life easier when doing repetitive editing. If you are going to use these, keep one thing in mind at all times, CHECK YOUR WORK. The amount of times I've had to redo something because I trusted myself to not make a typo in these is already far too high...


  • Lazarus, an extension which 'resurrects' forms. So if your page gets 502'd or some other odd thing that makes you loose all your typing, just return to the form box and right click to see Lazarus' menu.
  • Find and Replace, does exactly what the name implies; you give it a word to find and replace it with and it does so; great for weapon/armor page creations.
  • ClipX, program manages multiple copy-paste values at once. Absolutely must have! Simply hit ctrl+shit+v to see all you options.
    • Project page. Technically 3rd party software so you know, use at your own risks and what not.
  • AutoWikiBrowser, the program from which my bot runs. Takes a bit to understand it, is great for many many repetitive edits. If you plan on using bots, please follow the GW2W rules concerning bots.


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