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I'm one of the admin on this wiki, a bureaucrat to be precise - which means I do as much work in a year as our sysop team does in a day. Please feel free to bring your questions or concerns to my talk page, though for most administrative issues you'll be better served using our Admin noticeboard.

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Copy / Paste stuff[edit]

[[{{subst:PAGENAME}}]] is a [[trophy]] required for the [[]] [[Legendary Weapons|legendary weapon]] collection.

[[{{subst:PAGENAME}}]] is a [[recipe sheet]] used to learn the recipe to craft [[]].
=== Gathered from ===
{{gathered from}}
=== Dropped by ===
{{dropped by}}
=== Sold by ===
{{vendor list}}
=== Contained in ===
{{contained in}}
=== Salvaged from ===
{{salvaged from}}
=== Reward tracks ===
:{{icon|reward track}} <name of reward track>
:* Tier X, Y reward. Z of total.
=== Recipe(s) ===
| id = 
| source = 
| sheet = 
| type = 
| rating = 
| disciplines = 
| ingredient1 = 
| ingredient2 = 
| ingredient3 = 
| ingredient4 = 
=== Achievements ===
{{achievement list|reward= {{subst:PAGENAME}} }}
=== Items containing this upgrade ===
{{contains upgrade component}}

API templates[edit]

Account equipment summary[edit]


  • Who says Anet doesn't give you want you want? User Greener Asking and Receiving.jpg
  • You know you've been carrying around an egg for too long when it starts to hatch on your back. User Greener Hatching Egg.jpg
  • So, do I ask the druid for a refund? Or should i just walk away with the bonus coconut I found inside my peach? User Greener Coconut filled Peach.jpg
  • My asura became Weh no Su, only to realize he was still in his undergarments. User Greener Ascended Asura.jpg
  • When your little dog scares away the big dogs, you gotta be proud. User Greener Showing them who's boss.jpg
  • When Tiger loves Bunny. User Greener Tiger and bunny.jpg
  • Psssh, favouritism does exist. User Greener Favouritism.jpg