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PvE This user plays PvE only.
Exodus(z) of the Elder Dragons(z) [GODS]
Favorite Profession
Ranger tango icon 20px.png Ranger


Where can you meet me in-game[edit]

You can find me playing on EU servers as Djembacz.1740. I am officer for Exodus(z) of the Elder Dragons(z) [GODS], the largest community on EU servers (you can't call it guild when there are three guilds).

What am I up to here[edit]

I am not anymore a new person to wiki editing, I just got to 1000 edits. Currently I do some stuff here and there, and watch the Recent changes page and fix your wrong changes :)

As to why did I start, I am that kind of person that likes to know things. So of course once had to come time when i started trying to share. Thanks to User:Kossage for persuading me i should.

To Do[edit]

  • Find all existing Dominion guys and create pages.
Normal Veteran Elite Champion
Dominion Axe Fiend Veteran Dominion Axe Fiend Elite Dominion Axe Fiend Champion Dominion Axe Fiend
Dominion Blademaster Veteran Dominion Blademaster Elite Dominion Blademaster Champion Dominion Blademaster
Dominion Bladestorm Veteran Dominion Bladestorm Elite Dominion Bladestorm Champion Dominion Bladestorm
Dominion Duelist Veteran Dominion Duelist Elite Dominion Duelist Champion Dominion Duelist
Dominion Engineer Veteran Dominion Engineer Elite Dominion Engineer Champion Dominion Engineer
Dominion Fire Shaman Veteran Dominion Fire Shaman Elite Dominion Fire Shaman Champion Dominion Fire Shaman
Dominion Igniter Veteran Dominion Igniter Elite Dominion Igniter Champion Dominion Igniter
Dominion Marksman Veteran Dominion Marksman Elite Dominion Marksman Champion Dominion Marksman
Dominion Scout Veteran Dominion Scout Elite Dominion Scout Champion Dominion Scout
Dominion Sentinel Veteran Dominion Sentinel Elite Dominion Sentinel Champion Dominion Sentinel
Dominion Shadow Veteran Dominion Shadow Elite Dominion Shadow Champion Dominion Shadow
Dominion Smoke Shaman Veteran Dominion Smoke Shaman Elite Dominion Smoke Shaman Champion Dominion Smoke Shaman
Dominion Soldier Veteran Dominion Soldier Elite Dominion Soldier Champion Dominion Soldier
Dominion Spy Veteran Dominion Spy Elite Dominion Spy Champion Dominion Spy
Dominion Stalker Veteran Dominion Stalker Elite Dominion Stalker Champion Dominion Stalker
  • Continue my hunt for monster skills
  • Check orphans regularly

My links to things I should use at some points[edit]