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PvE This user plays PvE only.
Exodus(z) of the Elder Dragons(z) [GODS]
Favorite Profession
Ranger icon small.png Ranger
Secrets of the Obscure logo.png This user pre-purchased the Secrets of the Obscure expansion.
Ranger This user is a Ranger.


Where can you meet me in-game[edit]

You can find me playing on EU servers as Djembacz.1740. I am officer for Exodus(z) of the Elder Dragons(z) [GODS], the largest community on EU servers (you can't call it guild when there are four guilds).

What am I up to here[edit]

Nowadays I mostly just lurk here, watching Recent Changes, Orphans, and other maintenance stuff, and do templates stuff on demand.

As to why did I start, I am that kind of person that likes to know things. So of course once had to come time when i started trying to share. Thanks to User:Kossage for persuading me i should.

To Do[edit]

  • ...

My links to things I should use at some points[edit]

Other favorite pages[edit]