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The Legend of Jarlaxle Of Eidan dates back to the time of The Searing (1070AE), this hero fought perilously across the Northern Shiverpeaks with the famed Prince Rurik and led the people to Kryta. It was from here he joined The Shining Blade and defeated not only he White Mantle but their gods too - The Evil Mursaat! Jarlaxle Of Eidan crossed to the Elonian Desert and ascended so that he could complete the Flameseeker Prophecies and vanquish the Titan threat facing Tyria.

Later that year the hero boarded a ship for Cantha to combat a mysterious plague, when he arrived he soon found some of population had transformed into The Afflicted. He fought his way through the city and discovered that a once-defeated spirit, Shiro Tagachi, had rose again; Shiros tale was a sad one but for his crimes that he committed both in life and in death it was up to our hero to stop him. Jarlaxle Of Eidan raced through Cantha, unifying the Kurzick and Luxon armadas to bring about the fall of the spirit of Shiro Tagachi once more.

Three years later - Jarlaxle Of Eidan is once more called to duty; this time in the far-off land of Elona where a large war was on the brink of bringing major catastrophe to the world. Our hero teamed up with Spearmarshall Kormir initially but soon Jarlaxle Of Eidan was on the run in an unfamiliar land. Our hero traveled this new land and gained new allies including three princes and made a pact with Scourge Of Vabbi - Palawa Joko. With Jokos help he was able to cross the Sulphurous Wastes and enter the Torment Realm after defeating its guardian. Our hero fought through the Realm and faced the god Abaddon, with Kormir together they vanquished the god and stopped Nightfall.

Three years later - Earthquakes and crevices appear over the world of Tyria, Jarlaxle Of Eidan is called to investigate. Dwarven kegs were found to be the cause of the explosions, blown to block tunnels from the Destroyers. Our hero met new allies and even found old ones as he traveled to the Eye of the North. From here he learned of the greatest threat to Tyria and fought countless battles against the destroyers and defeating the dragons champion.

After returning to Lions Arch to rest and recuperate the White Mantle returned just in time to cause trouble. It was all out war in Kryta and the Shining Blade were in need of a hero. Queen Salma took control of Lions Arch during this time and peace was brought to Kryta, with thanks to Jarlaxle Of Eidan.

No More was heard of this hero after he traveled to Cantha to fight the plague and afflicted once more...


Rossiter of Eidan - The ancestor of Jarlaxle Of Eidan, unaware of this but still struggling to find out who his parents were and yet still shaping into a hero like the ones before him.

Darien D - A Charr who grew up around stories of the fierce Jarlaxle of Eidan and aimed to outgrow the legacy it holds over the Charr; he won't let a human legend outgrow a Charr's.

Lun Aris - In the dream Lun Aris was heavily influenced by the memories of a hero Ranger, he leaves the dream in search of more information, the rest of the Sylvari need to learn from this.

Blargle Fen - A devious Necromancer who plans to find and use the remains of Jarlaxle of Eidan., there is great power in heroes and bones, but more when you mix the two.

Kolga Frr - A Thief who once stole a map which apparently led to the grave of Jarlaxle of Eidan containing many valuables. The map was a trap left by the Lionguard to lure Kolga Frr out. After long talks with Bella, his guard, Kolga Frr decided to use his skills for good upon release.

Chazz Begud - A Sylvari who learned of Jarlaxle of Eidan in the dream and strives to make his own life as honest and good as the hero he seen, he must protect the innocent first and foremost.

Bella Spinella - A former prison guard of Divinity's who has decided to join Kolga Frr and travel the world in search of wealth, obtained legally of course.

Dahlia E Scythea - The story of this Charr is still being written by the gods.

Name Profession choice Race Background Background Companion Personality Birthday
Ranger tango icon 20px.png Rossiter Of Eidan Stalker Human Street Rat Unknown Parents Melandru Charm 26-08-2012
Warrior tango icon 20px.png Darien D No Helm Charr Iron Legion Sorcerous Shaman Euryale Ferocity 26-08-2012
Elementalist tango icon 20px.png Lun Aris Earth Sylvari The Green Knight Act with wisdom, but act. Cycle of Dusk Dignity 26-08-2012
Necromancer tango icon 20px.png Blargle Fen Trickster Demon Asura Dynamics The VAL-A Golem Blipp Ferocity 26-08-2012
Thief tango icon 20px.png Kolga Frr Anonymity Norn Guard the Mists Blacked Out Raven Charm 26-08-2012
Guardian tango icon 20px.png Chazz Begud Fanatic's Pauldrons Sylvari The White Stag All things have a right to grow. Cycle of Night Ferocity 04-09-2012
Engineer tango icon 20px.png Bella Spinella Universal Multi-Tool Human Nobility Missed Opportunity Kormir Charm 30-09-2012
Mesmer tango icon 20px.png Dahlia E Scythea Harlequin's Smile Charr Blood Legion Loyal Soldier Reeva Ferocity 24-09-2012

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