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Captain Yomm was a jade-green eyed asura with a burly, square-shouldered figure and long, sloping ears.[1] He was among the first merchants to establish a general store, Yomm's Merchantile, in Lion's Arch after Cobiah Marriner rebuilt it.[2] In his youth, he studied in the College of Statics and built packing golems which he later used in his store.[3][4] While running his shop, Yomm had given blatant preferential treatment to various customers, while rising prices towards others.[1]


Sea of Sorrows[edit]

By 1237 AE, most of the Captain's Council had run up debts to Yomm,[5] which he used as leverage to buy his way onto the council himself. Though he abided by the laws established by purchasing a ship, the Nadir Shill and hiring Bronn and Grymm Svaard as crew,[6] his acceptance into the Captain's Council resulted in new laws being passed for requirements in joining the council.[7]

The night after being accepted onto the Captain's Council, a bomb was set off on Captain Isaye's ship, the Nomad, killing some of her crew and injuring both Isaye and Cobiah Marriner. The pair suspected Yomm of the act and accosted him in his shop before realizing his innocence. The following day, it was revealed that the money Yomm used to pay the regency fee for a seat on the Captain's Council was provided by Henst who conspired with Xeres Grimjaw and King Baede to take over Lion's Arch.[8] After the conspiracy was revealed by Macha, a fight broke out among the captain's and their first-mates. As the fight broke out, Yomm cowered beneath the meeting table.[9] When the fighting was finished, he had announced that he located the bomb Grimjaw had set up to kill the council members.[10] In the following years, Yomm had taken on the role of quartermaster for the city.

In 1256 AE, Prince Edair blockaded Lion's Arch with the intention to starve the city before invading with Seraph troops. Upon hearing this, Yomm immediately began to inventory and ration the city's supplies, followed by writing to the Arcane Council and the smartest asura he knew for assistance.[11] During the blockade, Yomm had managed to get Lion's Arch's asura gates working long enough to slip through to Rata Sum and directly begged the Arcane Council and asuran colleges for aid. Though he was denied at every turn, his actions caught the attention of Macha, who joined Yomm on the Nadir Shill in battle against the Risen forces that assaulted the Krytan and Lion's Arch fleets.[12] After Macha had killed The Maw, Yomm promised to propose awarding Macha the Incantrix Luminus, Rata Sum's highest award of honor, to the Arcane Council, as well as filing an ex post facto grievance over her stealing the Pride.[13]


Yomm's Merchantile was ran and maintained by his descendants, most recently Yolla, until it was burned down during Scarlet Briar and her alliances' assault in the Battle for Lion's Arch.


  • Yolla claims that Yomm was the first asura on the Captain's Council, however he was the second. Captain Tarb was the first.


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    "You think I don't know that?" The asura's green eyes narrowed haughtily. He rounded on Grimjaw without fear. "It so happens that I've purchased a ship, you slack-jawed mouth-breather. Her name is the Nadir Shill. And, before you insult my intelligence any further, I've hired a crew as well."
    "He has," Bronn added blithely. "He's hired me and my brother, Grymm."
    "Only two?" Grimjaw gruffawed. "Smallest crew ever! What're you sailing, Yomm? A cork with a toothpick mast?"
    "That's no business of yours, mongrel." Stiffening at the charr's laughter, Yomm nevertheless waved the argument away. "I've obeyed the law inletter and spirit. I've brought the entire regency fee, in cash, and my first mate to boot. You can't keep me out any longer."
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    Cobiah prodded her again. "Now the part about Isaye, and the bomb on the Nomad."
    The asura's shoulders slumped, and her voice fell, "Henst told Grimjaw to make the bomb that was supposed to take out Isaye. My job was to put the bomb on the ship, because I could get there without anyone seeing me." To the asura's credit, she looked as chagrined as she did bitter. "Originally, Henst was going to buy a ship and get his own seat on the council, but one vote wouldn't have been enough. He needed more. So we came up with a plan.
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    "She saved our lives," Cobiah corrected him wryly.
    "Yes, well, I shall also be proposing that the Arcane Council award her the Incantrix Luminous, our highest award of honor." The asura captain sniffed disdainfully and crossed his arms. "But that still doesn't absolve her of the indignity."