Bronn Svaard

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Bronn Svaard, along with his twin brother Grymm, was a norn sword-for-hire aboard the Salma's Grace in 1229 AE. He is described as having salt-gold hair that capped a broad face, and muttonchops and a thick moustache adorning a wide jaw. The brothers were actually Priory Explorers, with the mission of learning all they could about the Orrians. After the Salma's Grace joined forces with Cobiah Marriner to fight the Orrian xebec, Harbinger, they remained with Cobiah's crew until hired by Captain Yomm in 1237 AE.

He had married Hedda and with her had three sons: Teir, Tryggvi, and Kaive.

During the Great Krytan Blockade of 1256 AE, they joined Captain Isayeh aboard the Nomad II to fight Captain Whiting's Risen aboard the Indomitable. Bronn was killed by Whiting during the battle and turned into an undead abomination himself. He was put down by his brother.