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October 26, 2021

Update 2 - October 26, 2021[edit]

Bug Fixes[edit]

  • Mechanist: Fixed a bug that could cause jade mechs to become stuck in a broken state when downed instead of flying away for repairs.
  • Fixed a server crash.

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes[edit]

  • Build: 121,244

Late Notes - October 26, 2021[edit]

Profession Skills[edit]


  • Multiplicative damage reduction enhancements have been updated to display how much damage was reduced by rather than displaying how much the damage is multiplied by. For example, protection now displays "-33% Damage" instead of "67% damage." This is not a change to functionality; it is only a change to display the bonus in a more intuitively understandable way.
  • Positive percentage-based enhancements now display with a "+." For example, swiftness now displays "+33% Movement Speed" instead of "33% Movement Speed."

Update - October 26, 2021[edit]

Beta Event 3[edit]

We're excited to begin our third End of DragonsElite Specialization Beta Event, running from October 26 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7) through October 30 at 10:00 p.m. Pacific Time (UTC-7). All players will see three new beta character slots appear on the character selection screen that allow them to create and play a fully geared, level-80 beta character of any race for the duration of the weekend. You can use this character in PvE, WvW, and unranked PvP, and any core Tyria or previous expansion map content, including Heart of Thorns™ and Path of Fire™. Maps from the upcoming expansion, End of Dragons, are not available for beta testing. The beta character slots are only accessible during an active beta event and will be deleted between elite specialization beta events. In this beta event, the following three new elite specializations are available for play:


"Join me—the darkness is our ally."

  • The bloodthirsty Panaku had a change of heart as he defended the emperor of Cantha. After this event, he vowed to do more to save and empower those he deemed important. Knowing only the art of assassination, Panaku melded these skills with his shadow magic to create a twisted monstrosity that stole the essence of his enemies in order to bolster himself and his allies. The specter harnesses the power of shadow magic to debilitate enemies and strengthen allies. Enter Shadow Shroud to link with friends and fuel the destruction of your foes.


"All systems go. Mech cleared for launch!"

  • The wonders of jade technology permeate daily life in Cantha. Fusing these new schools of thought with the mechanical techniques and knowledge from the rest of Tyria presents a unique opportunity for a widely traveled engineer. Taimi will be jealous. The mechanist is a dynamic innovator, using their mechanical expertise and advanced Canthan technology to battle alongside a jade mech of their own creation. Customize your mech and use it to crush your enemies—together, you're unstoppable.


"Unleashed, unbound—the rage of Echovald Forest lives in us."

  • The traditions and power of the untamed descend from warriors of archaic Echovald. They are one with nature—the pulse of nature beats in their hearts as the relentless rhythm of life and death. The untamed share a primal bond with nature through their pet, juggling control of raw power back and forth to defeat foes—your pet uses debilitating nature-based skills to weaken enemies, then relinquishes that power to you for the final strike.

Beta Character Limitations[edit]

  • Progress is not carried over from beta characters to live characters.
  • Beta characters cannot participate in ranked PvP matches.
  • Beta characters do not share normal account-wide inventory with nonbeta characters (e.g., wallet, karma, shared inventory slots, bank access).
  • Beta characters cannot access the trading post.
  • Beta characters cannot mail gold or items.
  • Beta characters have access to a copy of your account's Legendary Armory. Legendary items newly added to your Legendary Armory while a beta event is in progress will not be usable by beta characters during that beta event.

DirectX 11 Beta[edit]

  • Fixed a client crash.
  • Fixed text rendering on some devices.


The Key of Ahdashim[edit]

Profession Skills[edit]


  • Fixed a bug in which swapping between Build Templates that used the same pet in different pet slots would not work as expected.


  • Fixed a bug in which rapidly entering and exiting water while merged would cause unexpected behavior.
  • Fixed a bug in which mounting immediately after entering or exiting water would cause the pet to become stowed.


  • Black Powder.png Black Powder: The blinding effect from this skill is now based off of an attack and will no longer directly apply through evading. The field portion of this skill is now unblockable.

Guild Wars 2 Wiki Notes[edit]

  • Build: 121,168