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Moa race track

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Moa race track


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The moa race track was a racing game hosted by Tigg located in the Farshore Ward area of Lion's Arch, where players could bet on a specific moa to earn special items.




Merchant (vendor icon).png Tigg
Merchant (vendor icon).png Apprentice
Karma Merchant (map icon).png Syniad

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Villager (1): You have any honey for sale?
Villager (2): I do if you're making mead again.
Fyr Raggedfur makes a suspicious delivery
Caravan Guard: We're finished unloading here. The rest goes to Lion's Arch.
Fyr Raggedfur: Then we leave at once.


  • The race track was ultimately destroyed after Scarlet Briar attacked Lion's Arch, with the moas ending up killed despite being rescued from the city. Since the reclamation of the city, Tigg has moved back to Lion's Arch and acquired several moa chicks to raise into new racing moa's, however the racing track itself has not been rebuilt - with a significant section dug away into a pit.