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Itzel Spirit Poison

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Itzel Spirit Poison.png

Itzel Spirit Poison

Item type
Account Bound
Silver coin 64 Copper coin
Game link

Double-click to coat your weapon with Itzel Spirit Poison. Used to sever the spirit strings from the Keep Construct.

— In-game description

Itzel Spirit Poison is a gizmo used before the Keep Construct encounter to obtain the Itzel Spirit Poison effect.


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Itzel Mastery Vendor Itzel Mastery Vendor Jaka Itzel
Tarir, the Forgotten City
Maguuma's Breach
Verdant Brink
Auric Basin
Verdant Brink
100 Airship Part.png
 + Gold coin
Xochitl Xochitl Teku Nuhoch Tangled Depths
100 Airship Part.png
 + Gold coin


The Itzel Spirit Poison effect will occasionally be removed during the fight (some players have reported losing the effect when downed, while the effect persists for others through down state), preventing players from receiving Spirit Strings at the end of the fight.
  • Killing the Keep Construct while this effect is still in effect will grant the player Spirit Strings.
    • This item has unlimited uses and will not be consumed upon application of the effect.