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Effect type
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Movement speed reduced by 10%
Incoming ley-line energy attack damage increased by 10%.
Stacks intensity.

— In-game description

Goop is an effect gained from standing in the Area of effect fields dropped by Veteran Chak Lobbers and Chak Slingers or being hit by the projectile attacks of Chak Slingers. It is also inflicted by Nicabar's Copter.


  • The default duration is 10 seconds.
  • Once this effect reaches 10 stacks, the stacks are removed and the player is inflicted with Grease Cogs.png Covered in Goop, rendering them unable to move or attack until they break free.
  • If the player has the Nuhoch Alchemy mastery, dodge rolling removes all stacks of goop and applies Goop Immunity.png Goop Immunity.
  • The Goop is potent enough to affect a Stone Soul, freeing the Soul of the Keep inside.