Ectoplasmic Stone

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Ectoplasmic Stone.png

Ectoplasmic Stone

Item type
Material type
Mystic item
Account Bound
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Take this stone to the Mystic Forge to have Zommoros forge something special for you.

— In-game description


Vendor Area Zone Cost
Miyani Miyani Trader's Forum Lion's Arch 25 Glob of Ectoplasm.png
Mystic Forge Attendant Mystic Forge Attendant Plaza of Balthazar
Stonemist Castle
Snowblind Peaks
Noble Ledges
Green Alpine Garrison
Blue Alpine Garrison
Camp Resolve
Stoic Rampart
Osprey Pillars
Bay of Elon
Divinity's Reach
Eternal Battlegrounds
Gendarran Fields
Verdant Brink
Green Alpine Borderlands
Blue Alpine Borderlands
The Silverwastes
Red Desert Borderlands
Ember Bay
Mistlock Sanctuary
Crystal Oasis
Armistice Bastion
25 Glob of Ectoplasm.png
Mystic Forge Keeper Mystic Forge Keeper Champion's Rest Heart of the Mists 25 Glob of Ectoplasm.png

Used in[edit]

Mystic Forge

Item Rarity Ingredients
Old Ascalon.png Old Ascalon Exotic
Salvation (weapon).png Salvation Exotic
True Mettle.png True Mettle Exotic

Stat changing[edit]

Primary article: Stat changing


  • The 25  Glob of Ectoplasm.png Glob of Ectoplasm required to buy a stone costs (buy price) or (sell price).
  • A stone can be used in place of one piece of equipment for the forge's conversion recipes. This works the same way as the Mystic Forge Stone.
    • Some exotic weapons and the Mystic Infusion are a product of this method exclusively:
Item Type Prefix Trading post (buy) Trading post (sell)
Battle-Worn.png Battle-Worn Shield Rabid
Caw.png Caw Warhorn Shaman's
Contagion.png Contagion Dagger Rampager's
Decimator.png Decimator Greatsword Cleric's
Falchion.png Falchion Sword Carrion
Fealty.png Fealty Hammer Rampager's
Greenbrier.png Greenbrier Short bow Shaman's
Leech (weapon).png Leech Longbow Shaman's
Scryer's Circle.png Scryer's Circle Staff Rabid
Shaman's Vision.png Shaman's Vision Trident Assassin's
Sharkbait.png Sharkbait Spear Carrion
Dreadwing.png Sunder Axe Dire
Wexx.png Wexx Rifle Shaman's