Neci Quicktemper

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Neci Quicktemper


Interactive map

Neci Quicktemper is a Blood Legion soldier charged with guarding the entrance to Barradin's Vaults.



Story involvement[edit]

Living World Season 2[edit]


Don't let down your guard, soldier. Remnants of Barradin's army are still patrolling these halls. Some ghosts just don't know when to stay dead.
Talk end option tango.png Ever vigilant, sir.
During Battle in the Vault
You've got a sackful of courage soldier, but this mission may be too dangerous for grade.
Talk end option tango.png Then I'll be back after I've changed the odds.
During ? [verification requested]
Barridan and his army are back, but I barely have enough soldiers to hold the line.
Talk end option tango.png[verification requested] If you can hold the line, I'll go after Barradin.
Talk more option tango.png Back? I saw Barradin killed in this tomb.
That's the problem with ghosts—they're a determined bunch. Killing them only slows them down.
Talk end option tango.png[verification requested] Luckily I've got experience killing this guy. Show me where he is.
Talk end option tango.png Sorry, but you'll have to find someone else to kill him this time.
Talk end option tango.png Then you'll just have to hold the line until help arrives.


For Blood Legion.
Need a head bashed in?
Rely on strength, not false gods.
You want something?