Abyssal Fractal weapon skins

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Abyssal Fractal weapon skins

Abyssal Fractal weapon skins are a set of Account Bound weapon skins from the Sunqua Peak Fractal.


Sold by[edit]

Contained in[edit]

Weapon skins[edit]

Item Type Item link
Main hand
Abyssal Fractal Axe.png Abyssal Fractal Axe Skin Axe
Abyssal Fractal Dagger.png Abyssal Fractal Dagger Skin Dagger
Abyssal Fractal Mace.png Abyssal Fractal Mace Skin Mace
Abyssal Fractal Pistol.png Abyssal Fractal Pistol Skin Pistol
Abyssal Fractal Scepter.png Abyssal Fractal Scepter Skin Scepter
Abyssal Fractal Sword.png Abyssal Fractal Sword Skin Sword
Off hand
Abyssal Fractal Focus.png Abyssal Fractal Focus Skin Focus
Abyssal Fractal Shield.png Abyssal Fractal Shield Skin Shield
Abyssal Fractal Torch.png Abyssal Fractal Torch Skin Torch
Abyssal Fractal Warhorn.png Abyssal Fractal Warhorn Skin Warhorn
Abyssal Fractal Greatsword.png Abyssal Fractal Greatsword Skin Greatsword
Abyssal Fractal Hammer.png Abyssal Fractal Hammer Skin Hammer
Abyssal Fractal Longbow.png Abyssal Fractal Longbow Skin Longbow
Abyssal Fractal Rifle.png Abyssal Fractal Rifle Skin Rifle
Abyssal Fractal Short Bow.png Abyssal Fractal Short Bow Skin Short bow
Abyssal Fractal Staff.png Abyssal Fractal Staff Skin Staff
Abyssal Fractal Speargun.png Abyssal Fractal Speargun Skin Harpoon gun
Abyssal Fractal Harpoon.png Abyssal Fractal Harpoon Skin Spear
Abyssal Fractal Trident.png Abyssal Fractal Trident Skin Trident



Abyssal Fractal weapon trail.jpg
  • Each weapon skin leaves a purple-black trail.
  • After getting the container from the achievement, purchasing the remaining 18 weapons costs a total of: 18 Fractal Journal.png (or 504 Fractal Research Page.png) + 180 Integrated Fractal Matrix.png + 720 Glob of Ectoplasm.png + 8,640 Unstable Fractal Essence.png

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