Yomm's Merchantile

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Yomm's Merchantile

Yomm's Merchantile.jpg
Yomm's Merchantile

Yomm's Merchantile was a shop founded by Yomm in 1235 AE, and was the first shop erected in Lion's Arch. Yomm went on to be instrumental in Lion's Arch's success as a commerce hub in Tyria, and consequently went on to serve in the Captain's Council. The shop remained in ownership of Yomm's descendants, all the way to the most recent owner of Yolla. It was one of the few buildings not greatly damaged during the Battle for Lion's Arch in 1327 AE.

Despite its solid appearance, it was removed along with most of Lion's Arch when it was rebuilt in 1328 AE.

Ambient dialogue[edit]

Sailor: I've crossed the sea plenty of times! What did we do to deserve this affliction?
Doc Halvern: I just want to get out of here. South, to profitable waters and beyond.
Sailor: I know. So do I.
Scholar (asura 1): I need someone with a brilliant mind to assist me in my new project.
Scholar (asura 2): What am I, chopped raptor?
Scholar (asura 1): I wonder if Zojja is available. She has just the expertise I require.
Guard (1): For food, nothing beats this city. Nothing.
Guard (2): Hmmm, I hear that.
Citizen (1): Have you seen my husband?
Citizen (2): You don't wanna know.
Citizen (1): Drunk again. Great.
Worker (1): What does a sylvari think about?
Worker (2): I'd say no matter what the subject, they are astonished and contemplative, wondering and wild.
Worker (1): I was going to make a bad salad joke, but now I don't feel like it.


  • While the point of interest uses the old fashioned spelling of merchantile, the nearby Marriner Plaque spells it without the h.