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Matrix Cube Key

Item type
Soulbound on Acquire
Game link

19389, 19390, 19391, 19392, 19394, 19395, 19396, 19397, 19398, 19399, 19400, 19401, 19402, 19403, 19404, 19405
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A Matrix Cube Key on the ground.

The color of the matrix populator crystal indicates that the key is devoid of power.
The color of the matrix populator crystal indicates that the key hase [sic] been infused with the following powers:

  • Ice
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Earth

— In-game description

The Matrix Cube Key is used to gain access to a platform at the center of the Thaumanova Reactor where the event Defeat the misplaced steam ogre occurs.


The key spawns in random locations on the ground and will always be hidden, either obscured or covered. It will be topped with small green flames, although it can appear as a small lumpy rock or as a small obelisk. It looks similar to the chaos shards in the area, but smaller. The key will change locations or be unavailable at times. For instance, you may have to search the same set of bushes in the earth area repeatedly until you find the key. The key has no name but you will get an interact prompt when close to it.

Confirmed spawn locations[edit]

Poison/Earth room (south east)
  • Hidden inside the bushes. It has so far been spotted in at least 3 of the bushes.
  • Up the first set of stairs, where the breeze riders start to spawn.
  • Inside the bushes on the landing mid-way through the jumping puzzle.
  • The first platform in the jumping puzzle.
Ice room (south west)
  • On the platform where the Veteran Ice Elemental spawns, half-way up the jumping puzzle. If the key spawns in this location, it will be readily visible, although the Ice Elementals on the platform may obscure it.
  • Ground floor, in the center between the pillars under the jumping puzzle.
  • In the far end of the room, between the pillars.
Water room (north east)
  • One out of two points along the north wall.
  • Along the south wall at the top of the small staircase.
  • On the path to the waterfall area, just below where the 2 large hexagons meet.
  • Facing the confused Quaggan at the bottom near the water, in a small corner.
  • In the East end of the room in between the wall and the bottom of the stairs
Fire elemental room (north)
  • In the Fire Elemental room, just east of the stairs to the bridge.
  • Southeast end of the room, near the broken pillar.
  • South side of the room, pretty much in plain view.
  • Northeast end of the room, just behind a step.
Waterfall area
  • In a corner in the waterfall area, stream level, straight ahead upon leaving the reactor into the waterfall area. Directly north of the Displaced Quaggan.
  • Next to the Displaced Quaggan.
  • West of the Displaced Quaggan, in a crack next to the path that leads to the water room.
Central area
  • In the west of the center room behind the rubble, below some floating platform.

Using the key[edit]

Infusing the Matrix Cube Key.

After obtaining a Matrix Cube Key, the player must find the four Elemental Charger devices for each of Ice, Fire, Water and Earth.

  • Earth: follow the jumping puzzle (along the edges of the room) in the Poison/Earth chamber. The charger is hidden in a bush on the topmost platform.
  • Ice: follow a jumping puzzle that starts near the central core of the Ice chamber. The puzzle is made very difficult by being full of mobs that will push you off where you are standing. Stability is a must. Once you reach the central platform you have to jump around the back of the northern pillar.
  • Water: at the end of the tunnel with the waterfall (underneath the bridge connecting to the Fire Elemental spawn), there is a hidden path to the left. You must destroy the chaos crystal covering the console, which spawns several Chromatic Oozes. Defeat the oozes to gain access to the Elemental Charger.
  • Fire: inspect the C.L.E.A.N. 5000 golem after defeating the Fire Elemental. It disappears soon after the fight. The Fire Elemental is a World Boss

Once fully infused, the Matrix Cube Key can be used at the console in the center-most portion (the room with the blue haze) of the Thaumanova Reactor. Jump down into the no longer blocked hole in the ground to fight the Steam Ogre.



  • It takes from 5s to 20s for the key to respawn.
  • The Matrix Cube Key isn't instanced and it appears in the same place for all players - one player picking it up will cause it to disappear for all players.
  • As soon as a key is picked up another will spawn. It may spawn in the same location.
  • The key does not have a nameplate when on the ground.
  • You may not pick up a new key if you have an undestroyed key in your inventory. If you want to collect more, you must clear your inventory of keys.
  • Keys can be stacked in your bank if they have the same charge configuration. Once they are stacked in the bank the stack can be moved to your inventory. Once in your inventory they can be unstacked, and stacked (if they have the same charge configuration).
  • Stacked keys will not charge at the same time. One of them will acquire the new charge configuration and if a key with that charge configuration exists will stack there. The original stack count will be reduced by one and if the charging station is used again this sequence will be repeated.
  • The key will not charge if your inventory is full; you must have at least one empty slot.
  • The Matrix Cube Key is consumed when used to trigger the event.
  • Keys in inventory will be destroyed if a player enters the event area.
  • The ogre event has a 20-30 minutes cooldown.
  • It is possible to miss the fire charge if the player dies during the Fire Elemental battle.