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Amnoon Council Seal

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Amnoon Council Seal.png

Amnoon Council Seal

Item type
Crystal Desert Basic Collections.png Raise the Banners: Amnoon Independence
Account Bound
Game link
Branded chest Fortunate Strike.jpg

Location of the branded chest.

Double-click to consume.
Double-click to gain a moderate amount of karma.
Retrieve this seal to display the authority of Amnoon.

Hint: Search for this in a chest lost to the Brand in the Fortunate Strike mines.

— In-game description


  • Found in the Branded Chest on an upper level of the mines at Fortunate Strike.
    • Specifically, the Branded Chest on the second floor level in the mines (run up the tracks) near the Fortunate Strike point of interest, as the two Branded Chests on the very top of the mines in the Glint's Legacy area near the Mastery Point do not contain it.


  • Can only be obtained on a character which chose independence for Amnoon in the story mission Blazing a Trail.
  • To determine which faction your character sided with in Blazing a Trail, go to the Free City of Amnoon and see which banners are in the city in addition to the Amnoon's City Council banner. You will want to see ONLY banner for the Amnoon's City Council.
  • The chest that contains it can only be opened once per day per account.
  • Provides 1,500 Karma.png when consumed.
Amnoon banner.