The Great Oouo

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The Great Oouo

Point of Interest
Guilty Tears
(Timberline Falls)
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The Great Oouo is a huge rock formation worshiped by the grawl that takes the shape of a face. Within the rock formation is an asuran lab used by Frainn that amplifies his voice to order the grawl around and in turn making them aggressive to others. After defeating Frainn, the cannons in the eyes of Oouo disappear, and can be jumped into, although the player is pushed back into the room every time.


Concept art

Related achievements[edit]

  • Legendary Weapons (achievements).png The Juggernaut I: The Experimental Hammer: Ponder the Mighty Oouo.pngPonder the Mighty Oouo Ponder the Mighty Oouo rock formation in the Guilty Tears region of Timberline Falls.
    • Stand on the orange striped rock with the Quaggan Villager located between the point of interest and Waypoint (map icon).png Ogduk Waypoint, angle the camera up towards the mountain, and /ponder.
  • Legendary Weapons (achievements).png Meteorlogicus III: Storm: Grawl Devotion.pngGrawl Devotion
  • Legendary Weapons (achievements).png The Flameseeker Prophecies I: The Experimental Shield: Frainn (trophy).pngFrainn — Bring an Anthology of Villains to the defeat of Champion Frainn in the Great Oouo of Timberline Falls.


  • The Great Oouo is themed after the giant floating head Zardoz in the movie Zardoz.[1]