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Skyscale Rider: Ascalon

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Skyscale Rider: Ascalon is an achievement rewarded for completing all Reality Rifts in Ascalon. It requires the Rift Repair mastery in addition to a Skyscale.


Skyscale Rider: Ascalon Explorer 5Achievement points
Complete all of the Reality Rifts in Ascalon.Plains of Ashford, Diessa Plateau, Fields of Ruin, Blazeridge Steppes, Iron Marches, and Fireheart Rise 14 Reality Rifts Completed 5Achievement points


For a full list of rifts throughout Tyria, see: Reality Rift
Location Zone # Motes
East of Vir's Gate Waypoint Plains of Ashford 9
South-east of Phasmatis Waypoint Plains of Ashford 10
South-west of Blasted Moors Waypoint Diessa Plateau 32
North of Redreave Mill Waypoint Diessa Plateau 6
The Hawke Heart Fields of Ruin 8
East of Summit Waypoint Fields of Ruin 5
West of Tumok's Waypoint Blazeridge Steppes 16
Above the hero point at Tail of the Star God Blazeridge Steppes 29
North of Lowland Burns Waypoint Blazeridge Steppes 23
South-west of Village of Scalecatch Waypoint Iron Marches 40
East of Bulwark Waypoint Iron Marches 14
At Simurgh Waypoint Fireheart Rise 12
North of Piketooth Tower Fireheart Rise 7
At the heart in Fuller Cistern Fireheart Rise 26


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