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Skyscale Rider: Elona

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Skyscale Rider: Elona is an achievement rewarded for completing all Reality Rifts in the Crystal Desert. It requires the Rift Repair mastery in addition to a Skyscale.


Skyscale Rider: Elona Explorer 5Achievement points
Complete all of the Reality Rifts in the Crystal Desert.Crystal Oasis, Desert Highlands, Elon Riverlands, the Desolation, and Domain of Vabbi 15 Reality Rifts Completed 5Achievement points


For a full list of rifts throughout Tyria, see: Reality Rift
Location Zone # Motes
At the pyramid north of Tawla Rock Crystal Oasis 15
Under the broken bridge east of Temple of Kormir Waypoint Crystal Oasis 24
South-southeast of Destiny's Gorge Waypoint. Just east of the portal to Elon Riverlands. Crystal Oasis 29
At Glint's Lair Desert Highlands 45
At the vista west of Brightwater Waypoint Desert Highlands 18
West of Highjump Ranch Waypoint at ground level Desert Highlands 22
North-east of Threefold Waylay Elon Riverlands 12
West of Sandbound Towers Elon Riverlands 20
Near the bush in the quicksand south-east of Skimmer Ranch Waypoint Elon Riverlands 9
South of Bonestrand Waypoint The Desolation 15
Near the vista at The Mouth of Torment The Desolation 17
In the building at Sand Jackal Run Waypoint The Desolation 15
North-east of Market Ruins Domain of Vabbi 19
South of Vehtendi Academy Waypoint Domain of Vabbi 21
Center south of Eastern Mihan Hillsides. South of the word "Eastern" and not far off the ground. Domain of Vabbi 6


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