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Skyscale Rider: Maguuma Wastes

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Skyscale Rider: Maguuma Wastes is an achievement rewarded for completing all Reality Rifts in the Maguuma Wastes. It requires the Rift Repair mastery in addition to a Skyscale.


Skyscale Rider: Maguuma Wastes Explorer 5Achievement points
Complete all of the Reality Rifts in the Maguuma Wastes.Drytop and Silverwastes 4 Reality Rifts Completed 5Achievement points


For a full list of rifts throughout Tyria, see: Reality Rift
Location Zone # Motes
East of Prosperity Waypoint Dry Top 6
East of Vine Bridge Waypoint Dry Top 5
South-west of Camp Resolve Waypoint The Silverwastes 13
West of Drydock Grotto Waypoint at the bottom of the chasm The Silverwastes 55


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