Tail of the Star God

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Tail of the Star God

Point of Interest
Pockmark Roughs
(Blazeridge Steppes)
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Tail of the Star God.jpg

The Searing Crystal.

Interactive map

The Tail of the Star God is a point of interest within Pockmark Roughs. It is one of the few remaining crystals from the Searing that ravaged Ascalon. Even shortly after the Searing it was known for being the largest crystal and its surrounding area had heavy magical concentrations. Despite being over two centuries old, it has not eroded at all. It is also the focus of worship for a local grawl tribe, who have named it as the Tail of the Star God.

There is a nearby Durmand Priory team that are studying the crystal to discern its magical origin, knowing that it was summoned by magic older than the titans who are said to have given the Flame Legion shamans the ability to summon the Searing.


Event swords (tango icon).png Drive the grawl away from the Tail of the Star God (44)
Event boss (tango icon).png Kill the grawl shamans to disrupt the summoning ritual (44)





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