Durmand Dig Site

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Durmand Dig Site

Point of Interest
Western Ward
(Lion's Arch)
Game link

Durmand Dig Site.jpg
Durmand Dig Site

Durmand Dig Site was a dig site over the old Lion's Arch Keep.

Getting there[edit]

Starting from the Sanctum Harbor Waypoint go west then take a right under the boat and take another right.


Ambient dialogue[edit]

Priory Scholar (1): Sirrah! I can't find anyone to tell me the story of the Old Ruins.
Priory Scholar (2): Sirrah? No one talks like that anymore.
Priory Scholar (1): I do!
Priory Scholar (2): And that's why no one is talking to you.
Priory Scholar (1): You finish that book I loaned you?
Priory Scholar (2): Yes! Thank you. Do you mind if I copy a few chapters?
Priory Scholar (1): Not at all. Knowledge shared is knowledge increased.
Priory Scholar (1): So many travelers. So many cultures.
Priory Scholar (2): I'm just surprised they're not all killing each other.
Priory Scholar (1): Maybe in the marketplace. Mercantile conflict so to speak.
Priory Scholar (2): The captains on the council fight for profit, but it's surprisingly civil in the streets.
Priory Scholar (1): Have you read that new scroll about King Doric?
Priory Scholar (2): Quite a tale. The part where he spilled his own blood on the bloodstones...
Priory Scholar (1): ...in Arah? The city of the gods? Yes, very well written.
Priory Scholar (2): I'm looking for more legends about Arah.
Priory Scholar (1): The more scholars land on the beaches of Orr, the more we'll learn.
Children playing hide 'n' seek
Human Child (1): You're it!
Human Child (2): Okay.
Human Child (2): 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9...
Human Child (1): Go find your own hiding place! I was here first!
Human Child (3): I don't know where to go.
Human Child (1): Go over there! Just hurry! You're going to give us away!
Human Child (2): ...98. 99. 100! Here I come!
Human Child (2): You can't hide from me!
Human Child (2): Gotcha!
Charr Child: How'd you find me?
Human Child (2): I saw your tail again.
Charr Child: Dang it.
Human Child (2): I got you!
Human Child (3): You can't see me. I'm invisible.
Human Child (2): I can too see you. I see you right there.
Human Child (3): (squeal!) [runs away]
Human Child (2): No!
Human Child (1): I made it home free!
Human Child (3): Me too! I made it home free too!
Human Child (2): You did not. I tagged you back there.
Human Child (3): No, you didn't.
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