Shards of a Thorn

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Shards of a Thorn is an achievement only accessible to characters who have completed the main story of Heart of Thorns. It is hidden until you have received the mail "Memorial for Firstborn Trahearne" and spoken to Warden Leide, who will send you to Ridhais in your home instance. You must bring Broken Caladbolg to her in order to unlock this and the Dreams of a Thorn achievement.

This achievement requires at least one completed objective to become visible. Shards of a Thorn Knight of the Thorn 5Achievement points
Locate sword fragments within the Maguuma Jungle to aid in the restoration of Caladbolg.
Reward:Spiritwood Scion.png Spiritwood Scion

Shard of Caladbolg — Carried by a soldier seeking a knight.
Shard of Caladbolg — Left to rot in a forest of corpses where the Pact fell.
Shard of Caladbolg — Lost in dark waters beneath the jungle's depths.
Shard of Caladbolg — Purified by falling water in a jungle valley.
Shard of Caladbolg — Splintered atop a spiral of thorns in the jungle's heart.
1 Fragment Collected 0Achievement points
5 Fragments Collected 5Achievement points


In-Game Hint Closest waypoint Map Directions
Carried by a soldier seeking a knight. N/A N/A Unlocked automatically when talking to Ridhais.
Left to rot in a forest of corpses where the Pact fell.
Waypoint (tango icon).png
 Mellaggan's Valor Waypoint
Shard of Caladbolg - Verdant Brink.jpg Located in the west side of Blighted Depths in Verdant Brink, it can be reached by either the Lost Precipice guild Hall or the Mellegan's Valor Waypoint in Broken Bluffs. If leaving from Lost Precipice, ride the updrafts as if heading towards the nearby Vista, but head north of it and glide down to the area. If leaving from the waypoint, run north and glide down carefully, stealth gliding should help you avoid the mordrem.
Purified by falling water in a jungle valley.
Waypoint (tango icon).png
 Southwatch Waypoint
Shard of Caladbolg - Auric Basin.jpg This shard is physically located in Lastgear Standing, however the only way to reach it is via The Falls. Take the waypoint in Southwatch Creep and take the path heading west into Griffonfall, but take a right into the small tunnel with Pocket Raptors. After coming out of the tunnel, make a left and run/glide down to the bottom of the waterfall, and look for a small opening to a cave at the base, which should be directly below the ledge where the Mastery Point is. The Shard is located in this cave, to the right of the two Priory asuras, behind some rocks. The Falls are also easy to reach from the waypoint in Westwatch Patch, a direct run down the roads from there.
Lost in dark waters beneath the jungles depths.
Waypoint (tango icon).png
 Dragon's Passage Waypoint
Shard of Caladbolg - Tangled Depths.jpg Requires Exalted Markings to obtain
From the Dragon's Passage Waypoint, head as if you are going to the Nightthistle Bloom Hero challenge(if you have Blazing Speed Mushrooms mastery, use the Speed Boost Mushrooms to get past the mordrem), but pass it, heading north towards an updraft and a ledge where several Tropical Birds are roosting, but do not take the updraft. Instead, fall down into the water below and head down until you see the light blue glow of an Exalted Beacons, and head towards the Jellyfish Grotto Hero Challenge in Deeproot Sink. The shard is located slightly after the second Exalted Beacon or just before the hero point.
Splintered atop a spiral of thorns in the jungle's heart.
Waypoint (tango icon).png
 Pact Base Camp Waypoint
Shard of Caladbolg - Dragon's Stand.jpg From the waypoint, head over and talk to Agent Zrii and ask to be smuggled behind enemy lines. She will be stealthed and standing under a canopy just past the merchants and armorsmith to the east. In the instanced map Dragon's Stand (Heart of Thorns), run up to the top of the twisting, spinning structure and jump off to the small ledge just before the large platform where you fought Faolain to find the final shard nestled there.


  • If you no longer have the Broken Caladbolg, you can obtain another from Miyani.