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Crystal Oasis[edit]

ID Link Location
2552 Point of interest.pngSanctum of Nabkha
2564 Point of interest.pngMarifa Refugee Camp
2580 Point of interest.pngAltar of the Six Gods
2584 Point of interest.pngSquaross Kraal
2591 Point of interest.pngAmnoon Water Authority
2592 Point of interest.pngOld Amnoon
2593 Point of interest.pngTomb of the Abandoned
2598 Point of interest.pngThe Teratohedron
2599 Point of interest.pngTawla Rock
2610 Point of interest.pngKusini Water Hole
2616 Point of interest.pngTemple of Atar
2629 Point of interest.pngFortunate Strike
2630 Point of interest.pngSeeker's Village
2631 Point of interest.pngGrand Sahil Casino
2641 Point of interest.pngZephyr's Trace
2651 Point of interest.pngAltar of Silence
2652 Point of interest.pngShattered Templar
2656 Point of interest.pngCrucible of Consecration
2677 Point of interest.pngTemple of Kormir
2684 Point of interest.pngAmnoon Cavalier Station
2688 Point of interest.pngAmnoon Civic Center
2708 Point of interest.pngNorthern Way Station
2711 Point of interest.pngAmnoon Harbor
2732 Point of interest.pngSouthern Way Station
2742 Point of interest.pngThe Empty Quarter
2751 Point of interest.pngAmnoon Bazaar
2784 Point of interest.pngAmnoon Emporium
2787 Point of interest.pngRetreat of the Resolute
2789 Point of interest.pngVillage of Kweli
2793 Point of interest.pngTalatat Quarry
ID Link Location
2624 Waypoint (tango icon).pngTemple of Kormir Waypoint
2707 Waypoint (tango icon).pngDestiny's Gorge Waypoint
2747 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAmnoon Waypoint
ID Link Location
2566 Vista.pngThe Sinking Ruins Vista
2568 Vista.pngRetreat of the Resolute Vista
2606 Vista.pngDestiny's Gorge Vista
2636 Vista.pngMekele Bluffs Vista
2655 Vista.pngDiviner's Passage Vista
2678 Vista.pngNorthern Way Station Vista
2692 Vista.pngAmnoon Harbor Vista
2746 Vista.pngFree City of Amnoon Vista
2757 Vista.pngElona Reach Vista
2785 Vista.pngHatari Tablelands Vista

Desert Highlands[edit]

ID Link Location
2557 Point of interest.pngSabkha Watchpost
2573 Point of interest.pngStandstill Lake
2585 Point of interest.pngClosed Passage
2594 Point of interest.pngAwakened Garrison
2595 Point of interest.pngHighjump Ranch
2597 Point of interest.pngWayment Seep
2603 Point of interest.pngAltar of Dakhma
2613 Point of interest.pngWindchill Pass
2615 Point of interest.pngLifeblood Waterhole
2622 Point of interest.pngGiant's Steps
2623 Point of interest.pngLommuld Kraal
2625 Point of interest.pngVantage Scree
2627 Point of interest.pngPricklepatch Hollow
2647 Point of interest.pngMakali Outpost
2650 Point of interest.pngThe Watchtower
2661 Point of interest.pngLifeblood Falls
2673 Point of interest.pngRadiant Falls
2674 Point of interest.pngTranscendent Falls
2680 Point of interest.pngGlint's Lair
2698 Point of interest.pngThe Portal
2703 Point of interest.pngKanuz Cache
2706 Point of interest.pngCraggip Kraal
2730 Point of interest.pngPalace of Aban
2734 Point of interest.pngGiant's Tea Table
2741 Point of interest.pngHighjump Gap
2762 Point of interest.pngJinx Hollow
2765 Point of interest.pngNimbose Butte
2773 Point of interest.pngDiscarded Vessels
2777 Point of interest.pngDerelict Delve
2799 Point of interest.pngOverreach Chasm
2800 Point of interest.pngGodfall Tower
ID Link Location
2666 Waypoint (tango icon).pngLommuld Kraal Waypoint
2667 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMakali Outpost Waypoint
2705 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBrightwater Waypoint
2717 Waypoint (tango icon).pngHighjump Ranch Waypoint
2724 Waypoint (tango icon).pngDerelict Delve Waypoint
ID Link Location
2556 Vista.pngSalt Flats Vista
2565 Vista.pngFortune's Vale Vista
2569 Vista.pngGodfall Tower Vista
2601 Vista.pngStampede Uplands Vista
2657 Vista.pngWinter's Teeth Vista
2691 Vista.pngProphet's Fall Vista
2693 Vista.pngTomb of the Primeval Kings Vista
2699 Vista.pngLifeblood Ravine Vista
2729 Vista.pngDiscarded Vessels Vista
2771 Vista.pngPrickpatch Hollow Vista
2782 Vista.pngEnchanted Bluffs Vista

Elon Riverlands[edit]

ID Link Location
2553 Point of interest.pngFallback Fissure
2558 Point of interest.pngThe Sepulcher
2567 Point of interest.pngStoneyard Rest
2570 Point of interest.pngDecimation Bend
2579 Point of interest.pngSyrtic Impasse
2605 Point of interest.pngElon Falls
2608 Point of interest.pngHeroes' Overlook
2614 Point of interest.pngGiant's Rise
2620 Point of interest.pngFirst Camp
2635 Point of interest.pngSecond Camp
2637 Point of interest.pngDragoon Hearth
2640 Point of interest.pngGodslost Sandfalls
2659 Point of interest.pngPillars of Supremacy
2670 Point of interest.pngLeviathan's Gullet
2671 Point of interest.pngThreefold Waylay
2694 Point of interest.pngThrone of Pellentia
2697 Point of interest.pngSandwallow Retreat
2704 Point of interest.pngPalawa's Grace
2712 Point of interest.pngBahdaj Vigil
2713 Point of interest.pngThe Triumph of Palawa Joko
2722 Point of interest.pngThe Joko Gate
2726 Point of interest.pngPilgrims' Folly
2736 Point of interest.pngExile's Rest
2740 Point of interest.pngGarden of the Chosen
2743 Point of interest.pngScattered Remnants
2744 Point of interest.pngHall of Ascension
2769 Point of interest.pngOssa's Defeat
2772 Point of interest.pngSandbound Towers
2791 Point of interest.pngSkritt's Audience
2792 Point of interest.pngLonely Vigil
ID Link Location
2600 Waypoint (tango icon).pngOlishar's Oasis Camp Waypoint
2643 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAugury's Shadow Waypoint
2663 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSkimmer Ranch Waypoint
ID Link Location
2551 Vista.pngElon Riverbank Vista
2576 Vista.pngWhispering Grottos Vista
2618 Vista.pngAugury Rock Vista
2628 Vista.pngProphet's Path Vista
2639 Vista.pngArid Gladefields Vista
2686 Vista.pngDeadlock Sweep Vista
2695 Vista.pngShoals of Sovereignty Vista
2733 Vista.pngShallows of Despair Vista
2738 Vista.pngThe Scavengelands Vista
2756 Vista.pngThe Quickmire Vista

The Desolation[edit]

ID Link Location
2554 Point of interest.pngNorthern Maw
2562 Point of interest.pngThe Bone Palace
2577 Point of interest.pngAcrid Sink
2578 Point of interest.pngJunundu Lookout
2582 Point of interest.pngMatriarch's View
2583 Point of interest.pngImperial Sulfurworks
2586 Point of interest.pngForged Firebase
2587 Point of interest.pngSpringer's Ladder
2588 Point of interest.pngZayan Gate
2589 Point of interest.pngBleached Pillars
2607 Point of interest.pngUhiwi's Bones
2609 Point of interest.pngChukeht Overlook
2611 Point of interest.pngThe Vermitheater
2619 Point of interest.pngConquest Overlook
2638 Point of interest.pngTorment's Watch
2642 Point of interest.pngClanmarshal's Pergola
2644 Point of interest.pngForbidden Vault
2646 Point of interest.pngLone-Tree Hill
2648 Point of interest.pngFort Huduh
2653 Point of interest.pngVabbian Corridor
2660 Point of interest.pngThe Mouth of Torment
2665 Point of interest.pngEmber Heights
2672 Point of interest.pngWayward Watch
2682 Point of interest.pngScourge's Threshold
2683 Point of interest.pngLupicus Boneyard
2689 Point of interest.pngShadow Arcade
2701 Point of interest.pngEastern Maw
2702 Point of interest.pngToxic Pools
2718 Point of interest.pngSandfall Sanctum
2727 Point of interest.pngBonestrand Garrison
2728 Point of interest.pngChantry of Shadows
2735 Point of interest.pngJunundu Hatchery
2754 Point of interest.pngWestern Maw
2759 Point of interest.pngBlind Faith
2760 Point of interest.pngVillage of Purity
2761 Point of interest.pngRevealer Vantage
2764 Point of interest.pngBitumen Reserve
2766 Point of interest.pngHenge of Joko
2770 Point of interest.pngBonecage Paddock
2786 Point of interest.pngTarstone Weeps
2788 Point of interest.pngSandstrewn Shrine
2790 Point of interest.pngDjinn Enclave
ID Link Location
2571 Waypoint (tango icon).pngJoko's Domain Waypoint
2675 Waypoint (tango icon).pngThe Scourgeway Waypoint
2679 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSand Jackal Run Waypoint
2723 Waypoint (tango icon).pngThe Darklands Waypoint
2753 Waypoint (tango icon).pngLair of the Forgotten Waypoint
2780 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBonestrand Waypoint
ID Link Location
2617 Vista.pngThe Desolation Vista
2649 Vista.pngAcrid Springs Vista
2654 Vista.pngLair of the Forgotten Vista
2664 Vista.pngThe Spillway Vista
2668 Vista.pngThe Ruination Vista
2700 Vista.pngThe Ruptured Heart Vista
2709 Vista.pngPalawa Cut Vista
2719 Vista.pngThe Scourgeway Vista
2739 Vista.pngJoko's Domain Vista
2778 Vista.pngBoundary Preserve Vista

Domain of Vabbi[edit]

ID Link Location
2550 Point of interest.pngThe Menagerie
2555 Point of interest.pngThe Promenade
2559 Point of interest.pngRuins of Mihanu Township
2561 Point of interest.pngSpearmarshal's Lament
2563 Point of interest.pngSpa
2574 Point of interest.pngVehjin Royal Rotunda
2581 Point of interest.pngThe Warehouse
2602 Point of interest.pngJunundu Nests
2604 Point of interest.pngBeastmarshal's Encampment
2612 Point of interest.pngTroopmarshal's Encampment
2621 Point of interest.pngSeborhin Circle
2658 Point of interest.pngTihark Orchard
2662 Point of interest.pngMerchant's Row
2669 Point of interest.pngThe Hearth
2696 Point of interest.pngMarket Ruins
2710 Point of interest.pngHanging Gardens
2714 Point of interest.pngHouse Ingene Dormitory
2715 Point of interest.pngGreat Palawa Joko Monument
2720 Point of interest.pngTournament Battlegrounds
2731 Point of interest.pngHouse Ventura Dormitory
2748 Point of interest.pngExcavation Site
2752 Point of interest.pngThe Boneyard
2755 Point of interest.pngVehtendi Vineyard
2758 Point of interest.pngLyssan Fools Theater
2763 Point of interest.pngCourt of the Dead
2776 Point of interest.pngHeadmaster's Office
2779 Point of interest.pngHouse Rolic Dormitory
2783 Point of interest.pngRuins of Jennur's Horde
2794 Point of interest.pngKing Joko's Sky Garden
2795 Point of interest.pngThe Crypts
2796 Point of interest.pngLair of Zommoros
2802 Point of interest.pngRuins of the Mirror of Lyss
ID Link Location
2575 Waypoint (tango icon).pngVehtendi Academy Waypoint
2634 Waypoint (tango icon).pngNecropolis Waypoint
2676 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMarket Ruins Waypoint
2725 Waypoint (tango icon).pngCragged Vale Waypoint
2768 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSeborhin Waypoint
2797 Waypoint (tango icon).pngVehjin Palace Waypoint
ID Link Location
2560 Vista.pngKodash Bazaar Vista
2590 Vista.pngGrand Court of Sebelkeh Vista
2596 Vista.pngHanging Gardens Vista
2681 Vista.pngThe Necropolis Vista
2685 Vista.pngYahnur Plateau Vista
2687 Vista.pngGreat Palawa Joko Monument Vista
2749 Vista.pngGarden of Seborhin Vista
2750 Vista.pngZagonur Cliffs Vista
2798 Vista.pngVehjin Palace Vista
2803 Vista.pngThe Foundry Vista

Domain of Istan[edit]

ID Link Location
2805 Point of interest.pngFreetrader Haven
2806 Point of interest.pngThe Dark Leviathan
2807 Point of interest.pngTemple of Joko
2808 Point of interest.pngMirror of the Sun
2809 Point of interest.pngAncient Royal Docks
2811 Point of interest.pngMirror of the Earth
2812 Point of interest.pngThe Sun Docks
2814 Point of interest.pngBroken Observation Tower
2815 Point of interest.pngStage of Sacrifice
2816 Point of interest.pngSkylight Vault
2817 Point of interest.pngCrucible of the Apostate
2818 Point of interest.pngZehlon Waterworks
2819 Point of interest.pngGrotto of the Defeated
2821 Point of interest.pngClanmarshal's Promenade
2823 Point of interest.pngPlaza of Resurgence
2824 Point of interest.pngJakumba's Legacy
2827 Point of interest.pngThe Wobbling Skies
2830 Point of interest.pngPalawadan Dormitories
2831 Point of interest.pngMirror of the Moon
2833 Point of interest.pngThe Skimming Stone
2835 Point of interest.pngMirror of the Stars
2837 Point of interest.pngMehtani's Blade
2838 Point of interest.pngChahbek Thrust
2839 Point of interest.pngLahdok Craterlands
2840 Point of interest.pngHall of Judgment
2843 Point of interest.pngField of the Hopeful
2846 Point of interest.pngWarden's Quarters
ID Link Location
2810 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAstralarium Waypoint
2825 Waypoint (tango icon).pngChalon Docks Waypoint
2842 Waypoint (tango icon).pngChampion's Dawn Waypoint
ID Link Location
2822 Vista.pngChampion's Dawn Vista
2828 Vista.pngChurrhir Cliffs Vista
2832 Vista.pngPalawadan, Jewel of Istan Vista
2841 Vista.pngFreetrader Haven Vista
2844 Vista.pngAstralarium Vista
2845 Vista.pngHeretic's Arena Vista

Sandswept Isles[edit]

ID Link Location
2851 Point of interest.pngCommunications Control
2852 Point of interest.pngJemandi Market
2854 Point of interest.pngLab Sigma-05
2855 Point of interest.pngThe Iron Whale
2857 Point of interest.pngTunnel Access Epsilon
2858 Point of interest.pngTunnel Access Beta
2859 Point of interest.pngRitual Grounds
2860 Point of interest.pngEwyn's Retreat
2861 Point of interest.pngMagnetics Lab
2862 Point of interest.pngTunnel Access Delta
2864 Point of interest.pngReserve Power Core
2865 Point of interest.pngDeepwater Cooling Sink
2866 Point of interest.pngSkycavern Burial Grounds
2867 Point of interest.pngDriftwood Jetty
2868 Point of interest.pngNecrobrand Emulation Lab
2869 Point of interest.pngAtholma Docks
2870 Point of interest.pngMalor's Ranch
2871 Point of interest.pngCommunications Array
2872 Point of interest.pngTunnel Access Alpha
2873 Point of interest.pngLeyfinder Research Facility
2875 Point of interest.pngEffluent Outflow Network
2877 Point of interest.pngOlma's Legacy
2878 Point of interest.pngGreytear Falls
2879 Point of interest.pngTunnel Access Gamma
2880 Point of interest.pngCerberus Watchtowers
2882 Point of interest.pngAnniogel Landing
2884 Point of interest.pngPortalforge Lab
2886 Point of interest.pngSpecimen Chamber
2887 Point of interest.pngRata Primus Canal
ID Link Location
2853 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAnniogel Encampment Waypoint
2883 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAtholma Waypoint
ID Link Location
2874 Vista.pngThe Hunting Grounds Vista
2876 Vista.pngGriffonstone Buttresses Vista
2881 Vista.pngReserve Generator Site Vista
2885 Vista.pngAtholma Vista

Domain of Kourna[edit]

ID Link Location
2888 Point of interest.pngZelbahn Garrison
2889 Point of interest.pngApizmic Grounds
2891 Point of interest.pngResearch Mainframe Access
2892 Point of interest.pngDeeprift Brood
2894 Point of interest.pngWestern Allied Access
2897 Point of interest.pngEastern Allied Access
2898 Point of interest.pngArmy Landing & Entry Portal
2899 Point of interest.pngLoyalist Warren
2900 Point of interest.pngCorsair Cannons
2902 Point of interest.pngBokoss Prison Ruins
2904 Point of interest.pngDunlon Springs
2905 Point of interest.pngDejarin Ruins
2906 Point of interest.pngResearch Vault Beta
2908 Point of interest.pngPogahn Bluffs Proving Ground
2909 Point of interest.pngWreck of the Scimitar
2910 Point of interest.pngIdol of the Choya
2911 Point of interest.pngBarbellate Crater
2912 Point of interest.pngGandara Main Approach
2913 Point of interest.pngGandara Western Approach
2914 Point of interest.pngSecret Throughway
2915 Point of interest.pngPalawa's Benevolence
2917 Point of interest.pngArkjok Kennels
2918 Point of interest.pngResearch Vault Alpha
2919 Point of interest.pngImperial Center for Applied Pestilence
2920 Point of interest.pngCrocuta Vantage
ID Link Location
2896 Waypoint (tango icon).pngApizmic Grounds Waypoint
2903 Waypoint (tango icon).pngAllied Encampment Waypoint
ID Link Location
2890 Vista.pngFront Line Vista
2895 Vista.pngDabiji Hollows Vista
2907 Vista.pngArkjok Farmlands Vista
2916 Vista.pngEastern Front Vista

Jahai Bluffs[edit]

ID Link Location
2923 Point of interest.pngGaze of the Ancients
2925 Point of interest.pngDisplaced Vizier's Tower
2928 Point of interest.pngStaging Platform
2929 Point of interest.pngJahai Great Hall
2931 Point of interest.pngRing of Judgment
2932 Point of interest.pngClaw Den
2934 Point of interest.pngRiyid's Post
2936 Point of interest.pngFortress Courtyard
2937 Point of interest.pngSleepless Beacon
2938 Point of interest.pngAncestor Tree
2940 Point of interest.pngBattleground Ramparts
2943 Point of interest.pngGarrison Relay Tower
2944 Point of interest.pngNoble's Walk
2946 Point of interest.pngWurmmarshal's Encampment
2952 Point of interest.pngRilohn Falls
2953 Point of interest.pngConfluence of the Elements
2954 Point of interest.pngArchon's Retreat
2955 Point of interest.pngGarrison Command
2956 Point of interest.pngGarrison Access Tower
2957 Point of interest.pngVanguard Ordinance
2958 Point of interest.pngKormir's Reverence
2959 Point of interest.pngMirza's Rest
2960 Point of interest.pngVanguard Salvage Yard
2961 Point of interest.pngMonument to the Return of Palawa Joko
2962 Point of interest.pngYatendi Farm
2964 Point of interest.pngCrystal Cavern
2967 Point of interest.pngWyvern Roost
2968 Point of interest.pngCrescent's Town Hall
ID Link Location
2942 Waypoint (tango icon).pngYatendi Village Waypoint
2946 Waypoint (tango icon).pngSoul's Vendetta Waypoint
2963 Waypoint (tango icon).pngVenta Pass Waypoint
2969 Waypoint (tango icon).pngReclaimed Chantry Waypoint
ID Link Location
2922 Vista.pngArgon Garrison Vista
2924 Vista.pngReclaimed Chantry Vista
2927 Vista.pngDisplaced Towers Vista
2930 Vista.pngJungle Anomaly Vista
2945 Vista.pngRuined Procession Vista
2951 Vista.pngFortress of Jahai Vista
2966 Vista.pngYatendi Village Vista


ID Link Location
3017 Point of interest.pngMist Warden Outpost
3018 Point of interest.pngCrystal Cudgel
3019 Point of interest.pngOlmakhan Outpost
3021 Point of interest.pngTower of the Third
3022 Point of interest.pngShackled Grasp
3023 Point of interest.pngSkyscale Eyrie
3024 Point of interest.pngGrenth's Respite
3027 Point of interest.pngCharnel Gate
3028 Point of interest.pngChaos Gate
3032 Point of interest.pngBalthazar's Folly
3033 Point of interest.pngPact Outpost
3034 Point of interest.pngCrystal Bloom Outpost
3035 Point of interest.pngLoathsome Pulpit
3036 Point of interest.pngAshen Steppes
3037 Point of interest.pngWailing Basin
3040 Point of interest.pngVerdance Falls
3041 Point of interest.pngTrail of Cinder
3042 Point of interest.pngFire God's Precipice
3044 Point of interest.pngAirdrome Port
3048 Point of interest.pngVerdant Gate
3050 Point of interest.pngEmber Gate
ID Link Location
3025 Waypoint (tango icon).pngThe Underworld Waypoint
3026 Waypoint (tango icon).pngMelandru's Lost Domain Waypoint
3038 Waypoint (tango icon).pngPact Command Waypoint
3046 Waypoint (tango icon).pngBurning Forest Waypoint
ID Link Location
3020 Vista.pngGnarlgrove Vista
3029 Vista.pngPact Command Vista
3030 Vista.pngMelandru's Chalice Vista
3039 Vista.pngGrenth's Teeth Vista
3043 Vista.pngMosswood Vista
3045 Vista.pngNecrotic Coast Vista
3047 Vista.pngScorched Cliffs Vista
3049 Vista.pngUmbral Battlegrounds Vista