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Ruins of Jennur's Horde

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Ruins of Jennur's Horde

Point of Interest
Jennur's Run
(Domain of Vabbi)
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Ruins of Jennur's Horde once was a mining camp used by the workers of Vehjin Mines before Palawa Joko conquered Vabbi. It was full of impromptu taverns and gambling games set up among the abandoned mining equipment for the workers, who would often go broke after their payday from these activities.

During Nightfall, Abaddon's minions had begun opening a giant rift to the Realm of Torment in the Garden of Seborhin, twisting the landscape itself. Jennur's Horde was used as a gathering point for the Hero of Nightfall and his Sunspear allies, including Koss Dejarin, as they prepared to fight the Harbinger of Nightfall to close the portal.

Now all that remains of Jennur's Horde is a singular structure, broken but still aloft.

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