Bonegrinder's Gully

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Bonegrinder's Gully

Point of Interest
Taminn Foothills
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The Bonegrinder's Gully is a point of interest within the Taminn Foothills. Set into the cliff wall in the far south eastern parts of Queensdale, it is a small cave with a locked door and a warning sign that reads, "Only truly threatening people may enter."

Getting there[edit]

To open this door, stand in front of it and use the Threaten emote ("/threaten"), and the door will rise up and stay open for a short while, giving you the opportunity to enter. To exit the cave, repeat, or use the lever from inside.


  • The point of interest can be explored by standing outside the door without opening it.


  • The warning sign has New Krytan print which translates to "Warning!! Cave Troll".