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A node farm is a cluster of eight harvesting nodes of the same type. There is exactly one node farm in each of the 25 original zones, except for Malchor's Leap and Cursed Shore. The nodes in a farm respawn every 23 hours, similar to rich metal veins, rather than the 1 hour of normal gathering nodes.

List of node farms[edit]

Node Map Location lvl Area Notes & directions
Lettuce Caledon Forest 1–15 The Rowanwoods Northwest of Waypoint (Kraitbane Haven). Beware of jungle raptors.
Lettuce Queensdale 1–17 Beetletun Farms South of Beetletun, in the topmost farm area. Unavailable if centaurs control the area.
Potato Metrica Province 1–15 Akk Wilds Floating island farm.
Potato Plains of Ashford 1–15 Loreclaw Expanse South of the waypoint.
Potato Wayfarer Foothills 1–15 Halvaunt Snowfield South of Crossroads Haven. This farm no longer exists and hasn't for some time.
Strawberry Patch Kessex Hills 15–25 Wizard's Fief Near Isgarren's View. Easy to fall; time-consuming to get back up.
Strawberry Patch Snowden Drifts 15–25 Griffonfall South of Svannijem Hold. Guarded by some Owl Griffons.
Strawberry Patch Diessa Plateau 15–25 Town of Nolan Near the vista, at the end of a series of jumps.
Spinach Brisban Wildlands 15–25 Karston Chambers Far southeast corner of the map, guarded by trolls including a veteran.
Spinach Gendarran Fields 25–35 Provernic Crypt On hilltop above the crypt proper; guarded by a veteran ettin.
Grapes Lornar's Pass 25–40 False Lake Northwest of Demon's Maw waypoint. On hill southwest of POI Greybeard's Landing, guarded by a Pirate Vintner.
Grapes Fields of Ruin 30–40 Wildlin Narrows Southeast corner of area.
Cabbage Harathi Hinterlands 35–45 Wynchona Woods Go into the swamp/lake south of the waypoint and defeat the bandits guarding the cave with cabbage, including a Veteran.
Cabbage Blazeridge Steppes 40–50 Heretic Plain North of Lunk Kraal waypoint in the ogre village.
Cabbage Dredgehaunt Cliffs 40–50 The Wide Expanse West of waypoint, Veteran Jotun guarding farm.
Sugar Pumpkin Bloodtide Coast 45-55 Risewild Hills Deep inside the troll village.
Sugar Pumpkin Iron Marches 50-60 Victium Moors
Cauliflower Timberline Falls 50-60 Gentle River South-West of Thistlereed Grove. Guarded by a Veteran Jotun.
Cauliflower Sparkfly Fen 55-65 Orvanic Shore You have to go through the skill point cave to get to them.
Butternut Squash Fireheart Rise 60–70 Apostate Wastes Near the southern lvl 63 Wupwup tribe Heart (of the two to the southwest of the map).
Butternut Squash Frostgorge Sound 70-80 Arundon Vale Just North of the Dragon Tribe Grawl Heart.
Artichoke Mount Maelstrom 60-70 Treacherous Depths On island directly south of Oxbow Waypoint. Guarded by a Veteran Troll.
Artichoke Straits of Devastation 70-75 Bramble Pass Northeast of Plinth Timberland waypoint. Unguarded.
Dry Top 80 Uplands Oasis Northwestern corner of the map.

Not node farms[edit]

There are clusters of permanent Cypress Sapling nodes at two Statues of Melandru in Orr. These are not true node farms because they respawn after 1 hour and they are logging nodes, not harvesting nodes; however, they are similar in that they are the only locations in the game with a guaranteed spawn of a large number of logging nodes.