Wupwup weapons

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Wupwup weapons are an ascended weapon set.

All weapons in this set are created from a  Wupwup Celestial Inscription.png Wupwup Celestial Inscription and therefore have Celestial stats. Like all ascended weapons they also require a  Vision Crystal.png Vision Crystal to be made. Like the Weapons of the Sunless, the Wupwup weapons do not share their skins with any other ascended weapon sets. These two sets are the only two to do this.



Hand Weapon
Main Hand
Violet Antique Reaver.png Wupwup Reaver
Violet Antique Razor.png Wupwup Razor
Violet Antique Flanged Mace.png Wupwup Flanged Mace
Violet Antique Revolver.png Wupwup Revolver
Violet Antique Wand.png Wupwup Wand
Violet Antique Blade.png Wupwup Blade
Off hand Violet Antique Artifact.png Wupwup Artifact
Violet Antique Bastion.png Wupwup Bastion
Violet Antique Brazier.png Wupwup Brazier
Violet Antique Herald.png Wupwup Herald
Terrestrial Violet Antique Claymore.png Wupwup Claymore
Violet Antique Warhammer.png Wupwup Warhammer
Violet Antique Greatbow.png Wupwup Greatbow
Violet Antique Musket.png Wupwup Musket
Violet Antique Short Bow.png Wupwup Short Bow
Violet Antique Spire.png Wupwup Spire
Aquatic Violet Antique Impaler.png Wupwup Impaler
Violet Antique Harpoon Gun.png Wupwup Harpoon Gun
Violet Antique Trident.png Wupwup Trident